Four-legged chick feels OK

In one of the villages of the Ulyanovsk region, chicken was born with four paws. At first glance, this is exactly the same chick as a dozen of his brothers and sisters, but looking a little closer, you notice that he has twice as many legs.

Cases of such a mutation are known in many countries of the world. Happy the fact that many mutant chickens live a full life, grow up in adult healthy birds and even give offspring – normal, on two paws.

Four-legged chicken

But for the Salakhov family, who have been breeding for many years poultry, such a product of their mother hens came as a surprise. The villagers took the baby from the yard to their house and carefully raise a unique pet. Excellent chicken Feels, pecks millet with great appetite. In such a tender age you still can’t understand whether it’s a boy or a girl, so the name the baby does not yet.

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