Found a fleeing tortoise by photo-bot

A pair of turtles has been living in a small human family for half a century. British villages. And then suddenly one of them decided to leave the house and go wandering.

The nine-year-old girl Ellie loves her pets very much – Spot and Chalki turtles. She was very upset when one day Chalki disappeared from home. The whole family searched for a fugitive for a week to no avail the little mistress could not put up with the loss of a pet and very worried about him.

Girl and the Turtle

Ellie now almost does not part with Chalki

Ellie painted posters with a portrait of Chalki and with her parents pasted them around the neighborhood: the girl wrote how she loves her friend and misses him. It is thanks to this “photo-bot” and was found missing. Interesting that the traveler was not far away: a passerby noticed homework turtle walking along the road and contacted local community for the protection of animals.

Touching children’s poster caught the eye of an employee society when she was heading to the place of call. Nicola Sullivan says that she understood right away: the loss must be returned home, and not taken to a shelter. The family reunited, and Ellie is completely happy.

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