Forty goats and one donkey: video

A resident of the Altai village grows thoroughbred goats and gives the whole region with delicious healthy milk and unique cheeses.

Twelve years ago, Antonina Gordienko took a vacation, but so then she didn’t go to work – she got her first goat then. Now in her herd four dozen adult animals, always there are kids too. These are not some “mongrels,” all goats thoroughbred: Swiss, Alpine, American. They have milk very dense and aromatic, without specific unpleasant smell.

Thoroughbred goats

Thoroughbred goats give special milk

The main helper of Antonina is a donkey, without her it would have been impossible order in such a large herd. Donkey quickly puts in place pugnacious or capricious goats, and if necessary, then drives away from them strangers.

Such milk makes incomparable cheeses – to the hostess herself most like walnut, but she is now actively mastering new recipes and I’m sure: they will also be very tasty.

Video: Antonina Gordienko’s favorite goats

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