For two cats with a rare disease, they are looking for loving hosts

Volunteers from Volgograd started looking for responsible owners for two cats with a rare viral disease in animals. The cat Aramis and Cats Fox Immunodeficiency in Cats (VIC). Search Announcement placed in the social group “VK”.

Both cats are three years old. During this time they became attached to a friend to a friend, so activists plan to give them to the same family.

Aramis and the Fox from Volgograd are looking for a family


Mustached curator Eva Polyakova notes that Aramis and Lisa are very affectionate and tender, but their character is different. The cat loves more communication and is always glad to attention, and the cat, on the contrary, can show his character and loves being alone with himself.

For a person, the disease is not dangerous, but can be transmitted other felines. Therefore, for them they are looking for a family where Aramis and Fox will be the only pets.

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