For the downed guide dog, Barry collected 120 thousand. rubles

Regular readers of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” were able to collect on treatment of a dog that got under the car 120 thousand rubles. Part of the funds already gone to pay off the debt in the clinic.

Veterinarians predict Barry’s recovery will take more years, and so far he has a long period of rehabilitation and enhanced treatment. Every week, the owner spends about injections and pills about twenty thousand rubles. And in the near future the dogs are waiting for long consultations, as a result of which a special one will be selected for Barry the program.

In the meantime, his master Mars helps his comrade as best he can. A man is studying to be a massage therapist, so he spends all his free time spends with Barry, massaging his paws and back. According to Mars, some shifts are already there. The dog began to slowly pull back paw.

Doctors from Moscow and St. Petersburg were already offering their help. But the man is still ready to wait for the results of the work of local veterinarians. Due to his visual impairment, he cannot lead social networks, where he would inform all concerned people about health and success in treating his guide dog.

To help Mars and Barry, you can transfer money to a card Sberbank: 5469 0116 0364 6506.

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