For mustachioed from Japan are ready to allocate a separate a room in the city of cats in the Kaliningrad region

The first house for homeless cats was built in Zelenogradsk, in which are already waiting for two guests from the Japanese city of Onomichi, reports Interfax

According to the information provided by the head of the city administration Sergei Koshevy, in the square “Kotofeynya” built a three-room shelter for homeless cats, where two cats from Japan.

“We really hope that the local and Japanese mustached new apartments like it, “added S. Kosheva.


Recall that cats from Onomichi were invited to the celebration. A cat’s birthday in the resort town of Zelenogradsk in the middle November. The city has always been famous for its sincere love for tailed. It even has a Murrarium museum dedicated to these animals, and also highlighted the special position of Kotoshef.

Cats Ken and Gou Chan became famous all over the world for their desire to get to the local museum at all costs, but the valiant guard constantly drove out the stubborn mustachioed.

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