Fleas in rabbits – how to display?

Cats, dogs, rabbits, and many other pets can catch fleas. These small parasitic insects live in their hair. and feed on blood. Fleas can carry many diseases, but they infect rabbits most often with myxomatosis. Rabbit vaccination against this deadly disease is very important. If the rabbit contacted with other animals or wild rabbits, then the odds his flea infections are very large, therefore it is necessary as You can quickly check for fleas, or show the veterinarian.

Fleas in rabbits - how to display?

What happens when fleas feed on rabbit blood?

When fleas drink blood, they inject their saliva into the host’s wound, to stop her from coagulation, during this flea can transmit all possible diseases and infections. Pretty flea difficult to detect and, if left untreated, they can breed with menacing speed. Fleas can lay eggs throughout the house, in lining the rabbit in the carpets. Flea larvae can live in the outside the environment is very long. Owners of rabbits find fleas in them, like as a rule, after they notice feces or caked in animal blood.

What types of fleas infect rabbits?

Two types of fleas affect rabbits; the first type can infect and cats, the second type – usually only infects rabbits. The lifespan of these fleas may exceed several months, and their females can lay up to 50 eggs per day – these eggs often fall on the floor, carpets and upholstered furniture, and then can re-infect the rabbit. Fleas located on a rabbit may being just the tip of the iceberg, 90% of fleas can be in in the form of eggs, larvae and pupae.

Regular rabbit check

If you regularly look after your rabbit, then you can timely detect its infection with fleas. Clear symptom infection can be any severe itching, and in severe cases, your a rabbit can even chew its tail and lower back. Better just examine the rabbit using a special comb with small teeth. Comb the rabbit on a white piece of paper, so you define all the strange things that may be present in his fur. Flea feces can also be detected using wet paper, they will dissolve in it with a brownish-reddish color.

Fleas can be anywhere on the rabbit’s body, but more often they are present near his ears. If flea infection is long and hard, the rabbit may develop anemia, associated with blood loss. This condition for the rabbit may become lethal. Some rabbits suffer from a flea allergic dermatitis, which also leads to serious injuries.

How to properly remove fleas in a rabbit?

Fleas in rabbits are excreted in the same way as in other domestic animals. animals. First of all, you need to get rid of them all his external environment. The most effective ways you can get rid of fleas for rabbits from your veterinarian. Treatment flea rabbits should only be carried out using specially means developed for them. Treating a rabbit for fleas takes a long time, so the appearance of bites and itching in a pet even after treatment, this is normal.

The immune system of rabbits is very specific, so the means are not designed specifically for rabbits should never apply, as in many cases they can easily fatal. Never use anti-flea collars on your rabbit so how they too can be fatal for him.

Flea Prevention

Flea prevention is the best treatment, but it is not always is possible. However, you should examine as often as possible. a rabbit. The best prevention is regular fur care. rabbit, so you can not only detect fleas, but also remove him unnecessary fur.

If your rabbit comes in contact with your other animals, including dogs and cats, you should make sure there are no fleas also with them. For dogs and cats there are good anti-flea collars – but you should not use them constantly, and in no way Do not use them on a rabbit. Regular rabbit care is the best preventive measure.

What problems can a rabbit have with fleas?

If the rabbit is not rid of fleas, it may develop severe invasion. The more fleas a rabbit carries, the more blood it will loses. Often this leads to anemia, and in severe cases leads to fatal outcome. Another serious illness that can tolerate fleas, is myxomatosis, also often being fatal.

In addition to disease, your rabbit will become unhappy, and its quality life will decrease markedly. Owners of rabbits are generally not fleas bite, but in case of prolonged infection, when fleas are be in carpets and upholstered furniture; bites may appear around ankles and wrists.

If you decide to get rabbits, you must take it upon yourself. full responsibility for their life. Fleas can be serious and destructive problem that can make your life pets unbearable. Therefore, prevention is the easiest and most the best way to take control of a rabbit’s health as well regularly raise his mood by caring for his fur.

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