Fish are healthy: Pulkovo airport flew away unusual cargo

The St. Petersburg customs veterinar recently had a serious abused. They had to check the health of thousands of aquarium fish and several dozen other pets.

If the animal is sent by plane, it must be carried a specific set of documents and undergo a veterinary examination immediately before departure. These are the rules of transportation, and they act even if this animal is a small domestic fish, and even if there are a thousand of these fish.

On that day, from Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg) to Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area should go 980 ornamental fish, as well as a dozen turtles, 35 aquarium crab and shrimp and 20 axolotls (these are very funny larvae amphibian). Each “air passenger” was required to check. And it was necessary to do this as quickly as possible: unnecessary time in cramped conditions does not benefit anyone will go.

Fish in bags

In such small bags usually transport aquarium fish

Veterinarians managed. They found that without exception the pets are healthy, and with a calm heart sent a live load of destination.

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