Find my iguana but a finger in her mouth doesn’t put

In Nefteyugansk, an exotic animal lover is looking for the lost iguana is a rare, fashionable and very expensive lizard. The meter reptile somehow escaped from the owner, and he through social networks asks citizens for help in her search.

Alexey Bannikov (this is the name of the owner) claims to be scared a green monster is not worth it, but still fingers in the mouth of an iguana are better not poke: “Teeth are blades,” he writes in his post.

It’s true: despite its herbivore, the lizard has a very sharp teeth – with them she cuts off fresh leaves, which she eats. AT nature iguanas grow to a length of two meters, which, coupled with original appearance makes a strong impression.


It looks like a iguana-lost – have not you met?

The owner promises to reward the one who returns him favorite, but the exact amount of gratitude is not indicated. We will clarify that the cost of an adult green iguana starts from a thousand dollars. By the way, python also lives in the Bannikov’s house. impressive dimensions – he, it seems, while in place and the townspeople can to sleep calmly.

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