Feathered attack: why birds became more common attack people

Wild animals do not tolerate attacks on their territory, and therefore often attack people who are inadvertently cross the boundaries of what is permitted. Especially in this sense, distinguished themselves feathered.

According to wildlife experts, bird attacks on humans becoming more frequent, and it’s likely that at this time of year they will become even more intense. Dr. Steve Portugal, an ecophysiologist from Queen’s Holloway University of London says many birds of prey and seabirds protect their nests from “intruders.”


Great Skuas furiously protect their nests

“In particular, large skuas are famous for diving on caught too close to the nest, and colonies of polar terns protect the nests mobilized from any possible danger, “- he said in an interview with The Independent. He added: “By as the loss of habitat makes it harder for birds find nesting sites, attacks will increase responsible bird parents on people. ”

Sea gull

Earlier this year, a council advised Tom Ellis of Prestatina, Wales, set umbrellas on a homestead to sea gulls could not attack its inhabitants. Ellis said that roosting birds became very aggressive after hatching of chicks, because of which he had to leave the house.

Andrea Jones, responsible for the conservation of birds in Audubon National Society, USA, told the Air Force that the number The attacks are definitely increasing. Like the doctor Portuguese, she claims that they are mainly caused by people, encroaching on the territory of birds.


She also believes that people are warned about this since similar cases constantly pop up in social networks. In Vancouver, even CrowTrax website created where people can record attacks feathered. Since the creation of the site has been registered more than 5 000 cases.

Ornithologists always wear helmets when inspecting nests, and Andrea Jones says she was attacked by ordinary terns in Massachusetts during her last research. However, these attacks, when the bird, usually flies to someone’s back or bites into the head, rarely lead to injuries.

Krachka attacked the fox

Birds do not only attack humans

Experts say it’s better not to approach to avoid an attack closer to the nests than a couple of hundred meters. If the bird has already attacked, then you can stop it only by leaving its territory.

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