Far gone: a tortoise-turtle for 15 months got only to the neighbors

In the British town of Raysbury, a turtle disappeared. Inconsolable the mistress was already desperate to find her, when she suddenly saw a pet in the photo in social networks and identified by a noticeable spot on the shell.

The Englishwoman Katherine Painter loves and has long contained turtles – they have she is five. The woman was very upset when she discovered the loss one of the reptiles and for a long time searched for it everywhere. She can’t imagine I could say that all this time the “runaway” was very close.

More than a year has passed – more precisely, 15 months, and the tortoise found. She was found in his garden by the inhabitants of the same town, literally a few blocks from the place of loss. Unexpected find passed to Millbrook – Overexposure Center animals located in a neighboring village. And already the Center staff managed to find Katherine and return her favorite. Mistress plans her to chip – suddenly it will be lost again.

Mistress with a turtle

It is believed that after wandering around the area, the turtle overslept cold time in a secluded place, and then decided to appear to people.

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