Famous Japanese cats are called to Russia

The administration of Zelenograd district invites two cats from Japan to celebrate the birthday of the cat.

Ken and Gou Chan became popular due to their assertiveness. Cats have been trying for two years to go inside the art museum in Japanese city of Onomichi. But a valiant guard every time indicates the mustachioed to the exit and does not pass them further than the rack Reception

I will be back

Source: https://life.ru

To at least somehow please the seals, the city leadership Zelenogradsk (or the cat’s city) in Kaliningrad area, invited animals to the annual holiday. Cat’s day the city is traditionally celebrated in March.

Mustaches are not allowed here.

Source: https://life.ru

This time, Ken and Gou will happily launch into the museum, only in Russia and the cat museum. A unique museum of baleen give a blackberry and saffron milk pass for unlimited visits.

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