Faithful pit bull closed the hostess from the killers

The tragedy took place in the evening in the city of Henrico (US state Virginia). A certain Gordon Aitkeyson quarreled with his girlfriend and began to brutally beat her. The knife flashed in the guy’s hand, and the denouement wasn’t I would have kept myself waiting, but at that moment Chuck burst into the room – faithful dog of the mistress.

Pit bull threw the attacker away from the woman and clung to him a dead grip. The angry sadist stabbed in the back and neck dogs, but she didn’t let him go. Finally the police arrived, and only then the wounded dog let go of the man.

Veterinarians read twelve deep wounds on Chuck’s body and they said they could not guarantee anything: the dog lost too a lot of blood. It was a long and expensive treatment. For help dog came social organizations Ring Dog Rescue and Gracie’s Guardians: from their filing, the state recognized the history of Chuck, and people quickly raised the necessary three thousand dollars – heavy for the owner pit bull amount.

Pit bull in the clinic

Chuck is gradually recovering – he can’t leave without protection your beloved mistress. And Aitkeyson appeared before the court on double charges: of assaulting a person and animal cruelty.

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