Eukanuba: Top Cat Food qualities

Eukanuba Cat Food

Eukanuba is a quality cat food that is produced in Holland.

It has a balanced composition, including vitamins and healthy trace elements.


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Feed Overview

The manufacturer of Eucanub is Procter & Gamble.

Dutch company produces feed on its own the factory.

By creating an innovative food formula for cats, the manufacturer decided give a name that would fully reflect this.

So the brand “Eukanuba”, which means “excellent.”

Eukanuba is a premium cat food class.

Its range includes rulers for every day and for treatment pets.

Eukanuba Cat Food

At the first sign of any disease, beloved pet becomes less active and playful. In that case it’s worth consult a veterinarian.

In this case, you can choose food for a specific disease, after consulting with your veterinarian about the feasibility of introducing this diet.

The manufacturer took care of the diet of cats of any breed, including Maine Coon giants, serval, savannah and ragdolls, exotic toygers and bengals, as well as bald Don sphinxes and peterbolds.

High quality and wide choice make this line one of most popular for feeding pets.

Owner of this series may not doubt that the product is prepared according to all established standards and will not harm the health of the pet.


Eukanuba dry food is prepared only from quality products and contains the full range of vitamins and minerals needed for different cat breeds.

In addition, it includes animal proteins and a minimum ballast substances.

All these nutrients are found in food thanks to the following. products included in its composition:

  • lamb and chicken meat – sources of protein;
  • chicken liver;
  • a sufficient number of vegetables, fruits and berries;
  • sodium chloride and potassium;
  • calcium carbonate;
  • whole dry egg;
  • brewer’s yeast;
  • fish meal.

An equally important component of Eukanuba food is animal fat.

It provides the pet with fat-soluble vitamins, energy and fatty acids.

Advice! When choosing Eukanuba dry food, it is worth paying attention to what kind of fat is contained in the feed – chicken, beef, mutton. If this information is on the label no, it means that the composition of cat food includes low-quality fat. From It’s better to refuse to buy such feed.

Manufacturers believe that feline protein is needed, which they are predators by nature.

Eukanuba Cat Food

A cute, fluffy bengal kitten requires active hanging out high-calorie foods

But in many types of food, including Eukanuba, its content provided by by-products.

In addition to cornmeal and cereals, these can be products processing of animal origin: ground bones, horns and even feathers.

They are found in almost all cat food series. due to its cheapness.

Therefore, when choosing a food for Eukanuba cats, it is worth paying focus on the first 5 positions of ingredients.

They should only be of natural origin.

So you can choose quality food while maintaining health pet for many years.

Advantages and disadvantages


Eukanuba cat food has a number of positive qualities that are crucial for pet owners when choosing food among several manufacturers.

These include:

  • High quality products. It is to him that manufacturers pay Special attention. Using only high quality food ingredients, they not only provide pets with food, but also make their healthier, stronger and more resilient.

If your cat is depressed, we recommend that you read articlehttps: //

  • The line has a large assortment for ordinary cats for each day, as well as dry therapeutic food for pets having problems with health.
  • Food is nutritious enough to give pets small portions of food. As a result, one pack is enough for a long time. A small amount of food per day not only prevents the cat from overeating and gain weight, but also significantly saves the owner.
  • This type of food has a positive effect on the hair of the pet, making it more smooth and shiny. Therefore, Eukanuba dry food is often owners of show breeds of cats use. These may include chinchilla, nibelung cat or british cat.
  • Due to its high calcium content, food has a beneficial effect. and on the bones of the pet. They become stronger.
  • Eukanuba Cat Food Daily Strengthens Teeth pet.

Eukanuba Cat Food

Chinchilla cat fur should look good – it’s possible only with healthy eating


In addition to the pros, the series has several disadvantages:

  • A significant minus, according to owners, is considered high ruler price compared to other dry feed.
  • The line for daily nutrition includes only dry food Eukanuba. There are no canned foods or so-called spiders.
  • In the Eukanuba line for adult cats, the manufacturer has become add significantly less meat. If previously in the feed contained about 40%, now no more than 20%.
  • Eukanuba dry food contains not only animal proteins, but also vegetable, less useful for pets.

Eukanuba Cat Food

If you use poor-quality products for feeding cats, their immunity will weaken. This will lead to the fact that the pet will be more likely subject to various diseases.

Feed for different breeds

The Eukanuba dry feed line contains feed for the following animals:

  • for little kittens;
  • for adult pets;
  • for individuals mature and elderly;
  • for inactive representatives;
  • for cats and cats subjected to castration and sterilization;
  • diet food for sick individuals.

Food for kittens

Eukanuba Kitten Dry Food is a balanced meal.

Its main component is chicken.

Food does not contain dyes, preservatives or other additives, which can negatively affect the health of a little pet.

This food can be used to feed pregnant women. cats, or pets after childbirth.

Eukanuba Cat Food

For pregnant cats, proper care and balanced care are important. food

According to the manufacturer, this series has the following impact on baby’s health:

  • Eukanuba dry food provides optimal pet growth, thanks to quality ingredients and pulp content in food sugar beet. It contributes to the full absorption of all nutrients.
  • Food contains Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant. Thanks to this, Eukanuba helps strengthen immunity a kitten. Feed indicated for use after vaccination helps to cope with the reaction faster injection and avoid complications.
  • Eukanuba includes docosahexaenoic acid, which provides optimal development of vision and tissues, brain cells brain.
  • Eukanuba is high in calcium, which strengthens the bones and teeth of a kitten.
  • Omega-3, Omega-6 fatty acids have beneficial effects on the skin and pet hair. Shedding is reduced and less commonly used furminator.

Eukanuba Cat Food

You can only be vaccinated with a completely healthy pet.

Advice! Eukanuba cat food from rulers for kittens should be introduced into the pet’s diet gradually in within 4 days.

The first six months the kitten is fed three times a day, then it costs switch to two meals a day.

If you want to know how to determine the age of a kitten, We recommend that you familiarize yourself with articlehttps: //

Eukanuba Cat Food

With proper nutrition, the little fluffy lump is playful and with watching what is happening with interest

Food for cats

This line is represented by feed for the following cases:

  • Eukanuba feed, which contains special fibers. This series is for cats that develop lumps. wool to the stomachs. Fibers allow her to more easily pass through digestive tract.
  • Eukanuba Adult Cat Food is Classic series product. It includes lamb meat and chicken liver or chicken meat and liver. Food is suitable for daily nutrition. cats of any breed.

If you are curious to know how old your cat is to human standards, the answer can be found here: https: //

  • Eukanuba for older cats includes chicken and liver. It can be used to feed pets, age which are more than 7 years old. At this time, the immunity of cats weakens, they become more painful and less playful. Proper nutrition becomes for them the key to health and good mood.
  • Eukanuba food for cats that are sterilized and prone to overweight. Food helps your pet cope faster the consequences of surgery. In addition, the composition this line includes L-carnitine, which contributes to burning adipose tissue. Dietary food contains a small amount fat, which allows the pet not only to maintain the existing weight, but vice versa, get rid of excess.

Eukanuba Cat Food

Cats become less active with age. Important at this time choose the right food so that the pet not only receives essential vitamins but also not gaining weight

Diet food

Dietary food Eucanuba is designed for feeding cats after suffering various diseases.

The treatment series contains the following types of feed:

  • “High Calorie” is for cats that have suffered stress. Experts say that wet food contains a lot of nutrients that are easy digestible, providing the pet with energy and strength.

Important! Food can be used as in time of stress, and for the rehabilitation of pets, until their full recovery.

  • For pets that are overweight and prone to overweight, you can buy wet food “Restricted Calori”. He has a small energy value. Eukanuba also contributes to normalization. metabolism in the body of the process, so the cat does not gaining excess weight.
  • For skin problems, it is recommended to buy wet food “Dermatosis LB”. It is designed to feed pets who have a tendency to allergic reactions and hair loss. Hypoallergenic cats like oriental ones, Cornish Rex, Don Sphinxes and Peterbalds, such food is not suitable.
  • Eucanuba has cat food with problems urination. Such food is worth buying in the presence of urolithic illnesses. It contains a small amount of calcium, which, according to reviews veterinarians, prevents the occurrence of scalping stones.
  • For kidney disease, it is recommended to buy a wet pet feed “Renal”. It contains a small amount of phosphorus and protein. Designed to maintain chronic kidney function renal failure.
  • Digestive food for digestive disorders regulates metabolic processes, contributes to a slower absorption of substances during diarrhea.

Eukanuba Cat Food

Properly selected food is the first step to normalizing weight pet


Olga, Moscow: “Recently we learned that our beloved cat is in position. We decided to purchase for her special food for pregnant women. Among the many brands opted for the dry feed “Eukanuba” and stayed satisfied. The cat feels great, she is not tormented by problems with gastrointestinal tract. The coat has become thicker and silky. ”

Alena, Novosibirsk: “Our cat has undergone castration and after surgery became less active. Naturally started overeat and gain weight. Friends advised to purchase diet food “Eucanuba” for cats prone to obesity. Across for a while we noticed that the cat stopped overeating, weight has stopped. At the same time, our pet looks absolutely healthy and satisfied. ”

Natalia, Yekaterinburg: “I always thought it was dry food is absolutely not healthy food to feed your cat. But once the veterinarian advised the Eukanuba line. I bought food for experiment, but it turned out that eventually introduced for daily powering your pet. Kitty became more active, less often is sick. ”

Elena, Voronezh: “Recently I decided to start kitten, and then the question arose of what to feed him. Read many information about the various lines of feed for kittens and reviews owners. I decided to stay on dry feed for small pets “Eukanuba” and I think my choice is right. Kitten immediately I liked the food, he is active, playful and calmly reacts to relocation. ”

Marina, Omsk: “Our favorite cat Gepa lives with us for over 7 years now. With age, he became more susceptible to disease. and less active. I learned about the dry food “Eukanuba” for the elderly cats. I have been using it for daily feeding for 2 months and noticed that during this time the cat never got sick, recruited due inactive lifestyle weight returned to normal, improved external kind of coat. ”


Eukanuba Cat Food

Natural food is the best nutrition for any breed. cats. But in the absence of time, you can replace it with high-quality finished products

Eucanuba is a cat food that, in addition to positive There are a number of negative qualities.

Therefore, when choosing a diet for a pet, it is worth weighing everything for and against.

Eukanuba: Top Quality Cat Food

Eukanuba: Top Quality Cat Food

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