Estonian tortoise return

According to local media in Estonia, in the town of Viljandi in the south a touching event happened on the background of everything world chaos and horror. The turtle and the owner met after three years of separation.

It all happened in 2015, when on a hot July day Reimo Rääts, a resident of Viljandi, decided to go to the lake and took a pet – a small yellow-eared turtle nicknamed Fernando. The owner wanted to show his pet summer, the lake, swim together in cool water.

The Fernando Turtle

The yellow-eared turtle found its owner after three years of wandering on the Estonian coast

But when Reimo dipped the turtle into the lake, she felt her native elements and showed atypical reactivity for an Estonian turtle. Fernando slipped out of his hands and sailed away in an unknown direction.

For a long time, Reimo tried to find his pet, but to no avail. He resigned to losing the turtle. But at the end of June this years, some local fisherman spotted Reimo via the Internet and wrote that he had found his lost turtle. Lively and healthy. After Reimo’s identification really confirmed that it was his Fernando!

Reimo promised to continue to monitor the scoop more closely and not let her out of your hands for a walk.

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