Enraged elephant scared tourists in Kenya

Visitors to the Kenyan Amboseli National Park did not survive the most pleasant moments of life. But they just wanted to admire wildlife.

The tourists were scared by an elephant, suddenly chasing a car. The reason for this behavior is unclear, because no one came close to him and didn’t tease. People rode through the savannah in a jeep, watching animals in their natural habitat is a popular entertaining visitors to African reserves.

Fortunately for tourists, the elephant did not catch up with them. However, according to Samuel Kimani, who was in the ill-fated car, see the angry beast was very scary. It remains only to guess why such a peaceful animal showed aggression. He was probably tired of onlookers watching the elephants’ personal lives, or just did not have a day. Or maybe he just wanted get to know tourists better, but they didn’t understand him – who knows?

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