Elderly retriever adopted chickens

Amazing pictures managed to make the photographer Candice Sedihan. The main model of the photo shoot was the woman’s favorite – golden retriever named Champion, and assisted him … small fluffy chickens.

As often happens, life itself threw the plot for the photographer. Candice Sedihan accidentally chatted with a man who was staying at a loss and did not know what to do. Someone gave him tiny incubator chickens, but to care for them, have men had neither experience nor time.

Kids had to urgently attach somewhere, otherwise they could die. Compassionate Candice proposed identify them at an agricultural college, but it still took overexposure somewhere pussies at least a couple of days – and the photographer took them to your home.

The eleven-year-old Champion retriever who met the mistress on on the threshold, at first I was very surprised, and then became interested in the box with chickens and showed unhappy babies amazing tenderness. Perhaps these red lumps of fluff reminded him of a distant own childhood – brothers and sisters, when they were completely small?

Dog with chickens

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