Either a horse or a giraffe: an animal with an unusual coloring

According to the Daily Mail, in the UK noticed amazing horse. In color, it resembles a giraffe.

The meeting with the animal took place in the New Forest National Park. is he located in the south of Great Britain. Trudy Surman-Roper – visitor to the park – saw a horse during a walk. According to women, in the first second she thought it was a giraffe. Trudy managed to photograph a spotted beast.


In New Forest there are about 3 thousand horses, as well as fallow deer, red and spotted deer, Chinese muntzhaki and a special kind of pony (photo by Trudy Surman-Roper)

Trudy’s daughter wanted to know the breed using modern technology animal, but her efforts were unsuccessful – program on animal recognition also identified the horse as a giraffe.

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