Each sheep will receive 5 thousand rubles

State extends targeted support to remarkable domestic breed of sheep – Romanov. Tribal subsidies livestock this year were increased 2.5 times.

The highest subsidy rate in the district – 5 thousand rubles per each thoroughbred animal – is offered in the historical homeland Romanov sheep in the Yaroslavl region. Right here on the territory of the present Tutaevsky district, two centuries have been bred back this valuable breed.

Romanov sheep with lambs

Then the Romanovo-Borisoglebsky district was located here, in honor of which got its name sheep recognized as the best in the world by fur coat.

Now in the Yaroslavl region breed breeding engaged in 17 agricultural enterprises, 23 farms and over 700 private traders. Subsidies will help them develop tribal work, production and crafts.

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