Dulsinea, you are my ideal: video

We all love our pets, even if they are far from ideal. But Alena Derzhitskaya from the Vitebsk region is convinced that her Dulsinea is the perfect pet.

Dulsinea is the full name of a giant Achatina snail, but domestic familiarly call her Dusey. In the small town of Barani, she was the first and for a long time remained the only representative of her kind of.

Akhatinskaya snail in the palm

Half a kilogram majestic beauty indeed ideal – it creates a minimum of problems for its owners. Does not bark, does not bite, does not destroy the house; not you need to walk it, comb out and remove the wool – no allergies. However, you should bathe a snail daily – she loves soak in the warm shower.

Vegetarian Dusya accurately understands the quality of products. If, for example, she refuses to eat her favorite cucumbers, then people they should not be used: manufacturers went too far with harmful chemicals.

Video: here it is, our Dusya

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