Down with the dogs: England’s chief mousetrap outraged

A favorite of all of Britain, the government cat and mouse Larry suffering from dogs and dog lovers. From the disorder, he became even worse to catch mice.

Traditions for England – above all. Four hundred years here There is a position of the Chief Mousetrap, which is paid from state treasury. Shelter cat Larry took this high post eight years ago and since then managed to resign two premieres.

cat Larry

10 Downing Street – residence of the British Cabinet and cat Larry

But centuries-old traditions have gone to dust: the current inhabitant 10 Downing Street – Boris Johnson – turned out to be an inveterate dog lover and threatens to settle the dog directly in the residence of the government. Larry s horror awaits this moment.

Not only that – in the neighborhood, in the Ministry of Finance, now disgusting lives a dog named Bailey. And this villain has already tried to take away from Larry going! Good old England, where are you going …

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