Don’t wake a horse on the couch: funny video

The horse is sleeping, she is tired. A logical question arises: well, and Why was she waking up?

However, the simple Kazakh guy who shot this video, probably thought something bad. And indeed, that may come to mind the person who saw such an unusual picture? In the middle of the courtyard stands an old one thrown by someone under the bright sun. a sofa, and on it a red horse sprawled – lifting his hooves with a belly up.

Horse on the couch

Looking at this, the guy decided: something with the mare is not So. He pushed her – a half-awake horse jumped up: legs parted, eyes surprised. And that the belly is so big is she seems to be in an interesting position, so I wanted on the sofa lie down. But the old sofa, alas, could not stand the abnormal tests – and finally collapsed.

Video: she just wanted to sleep on the couch

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