Dogs and cats will be fed for free … if Russia will win

The “Moscow Komsomolets” today published news about businessman from the city of Kaluga, who challenged himself and the team Russian football. Entrepreneur selling fodder and goods for pets, promised to distribute their goods for free if Russian national team will take first place in the Championship 2018 world.

All Kaluga is already vigorously discussing an unusual PR move from the local entrepreneur. Businessman owning a shop for sale. animal feed on the market “Kaluga”, printed and pasted on the door of your outlet is an ad that says any product put up for sale in the pavilion will be given back free if the Russians win.

The photo of the announcement has already scattered throughout all the social networks. The people joined the discussion. Someone praises the entrepreneur for successful PR move. And someone jokes sarcastically: “This is a show off. Russia will never win. “Amines public VKontakte” City Market Kaluga “generally suggested that in case of victory, a lifetime supply every football player of the national team will receive dog food.

According to the inhabitants of the city, cats and dogs do not see free delicious food. Will Kaluga consider the option of free feeding pets in case Russia takes second or third place – not it is known.

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