Dog from Chelyabinsk became the local Hachiko

A faithful dog from Chelyabinsk nicknamed Belyash became local a celebrity. And after his tragic death, the memory of a devotee the dog will live for many years.

The owner of this dog died under the car about two years ago. But Belyash hoped and expected that his beloved would come out to meet him person. Years passed, and the four-legged one remained waiting, looking with his eyes his master.

Everyone in the city knew Belyash. Many helped and fed. BUT he got his nickname thanks to his favorite dish, which with catering staff shared their joy with him. Kiosk with whitewash was not far from the place of his constant “watch”.

Monument to Russian


In 2015, a dog fell under a car, and maybe rushed under the wheels of despair. In the same year, Chelyabinsk joint efforts opened fundraising for the installation of a monument to Russian Hachiko. Later, the masters cast Belyash in full size from bronze.

On November 2, a monument was erected in the city center, on Kirovka the most faithful and faithful dog. During the ceremony, someone brought and laid flowers.

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