Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat: detailed creation guide

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat

You can make a cat lounger with your own hands in just a few hours. Moreover, for this it is not necessary to go to the store and buy expensive fabrics. If you open the closet and review all old unnecessary things, you will definitely find a piece of material that is perfect for making cat bed. It could be an old fur coat, sweater, corduroy trousers, a knitted dress or even boots with fur.

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat

An example of how to sew a deckchair for a cat with your own hands from plaid


  • 1 Types of beds for cats
  • 2 Lounger with sides
  • 3 Making sunbed on the battery
  • 4 Simple models: for windowsill, from a sweater

Types of beds for cats

The place where the cat’s bed will stand should be dry, warm and comfortable.

It is desirable that the sunbed is located in the same place as cat house with scratching post— then the animal will understand that this is his personal territory.

Advice! The sunbed, first of all, should be comfortable for the pet. Reflecting on the question of how to do do-it-yourself bed for a cat, remember that the animal can abandon too tight or hard beds.

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat

You can make a lounger for a cat with your own hands with a removable on horseback

There are many options for creating a cozy nest for cat:

  • If the pet likes to retire, it is best to build him a lounger with a roof where he can hide from strangers views and relax. In such a house it will be cozy Feel a cat with kittens. If your pet pregnant, then the house should be prepared before of how the cat will give birth.
  • The lounger for a cat from a sweater does not look so spectacular compared with other types of stove benches. Therefore it is best suited to arrange a place in the country or in the barn, where the pet loves spend time trapping mice.
  • If the pet’s favorite place is the battery, then make with special mounts securing it to heating device.
  • For watching cats that like to look out the window, you can sew a lounger on the windowsill in the form of a mattress.

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat

Today, online stores sell a wide variety of sunbeds. By choosing your favorite model, you can make the same do it yourself

Lounger with sides

This option is the easiest to manufacture, and its the advantage is that you can beat such a model in different ways. For example, the photo below shows how you can sew a deck chair with a low side on one side, and soft, a cozy pillow.

So that the pet does not stain the bed, and the whole apartment in fluff and wool, you can purchase a special furminator for cats or a cat clipper.

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat

The lounger with a removable cushion is easy to clean, which allows keep the place of the pet clean

So, how to make a lounger for a cat with your own hands? First of all, you need to evaluate the dimensions of the fluffy pet and decide on the size of the future product. This item is very important, especially when you have a big maine coon in your house, serval, ragdoll or savannah.

Then, based on the size, select the appropriate fabric and prepare for work a piece of foam or synthetic winterizer, tight cardboard, ruler, pen, needle and thread to the tone of the selected fabric.

Now you can start making patterns. cut a long strip from cardboard (part A) and an oval (part B). The width of the strip corresponds to the height of the side of the lounger, and its the length should be equal to the circumference of the oval plus 1-2 centimeters for allowances.

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat

Pattern of a simple model of a couch

How to sew a bed with sides, step by step described in master class:

  1. First, prepare two patterns A – side and B – bottom.
  2. Sew the two long sides of the side and turn the part on front side.
  3. Cut a rectangle of the appropriate size from the foam rubber and forms, and insert it into the side. Sew the edges of the bead manually.
  4. For the bottom you need to pick up a thick durable fabric. If there wasn’t one, then put an oval between the two parts of the bottom, cut out of cardboard or plywood.
  5. Sew the bottom to the side.
  6. The next step of the master class is sewing pillowcases. For this you should cut two oval details on the pattern and grind them side.
  7. Fill the pillowcase with a padding polyester or foam rubber, and place the pillow inside the crib.

Now you know how to sew a bed for your cat hands! If you have excess tissue left, then you can use to make carrying bags for cats.

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat

Knowing how to sew a simple couch, you can make more elegant heart shaped crib

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat

The same pattern is suitable for making other various models, for example, with a closed top

If you do not know how to sew a bed with a roof, prepare a half circle pattern of thick paper, sew the part for the roof and attach it to the sides.

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat

A closed-top crib can also be sewn into another pattern.

Making a sunbed on the battery

In winter, almost all cats climb warm batteries and sleep on their hard, uncomfortable surfaces.

To make your favorite purr sleep more enjoyable, make a sunbed for a cat on a battery.

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat

The battery lounger is a structure consisting of mattress and rigid frame, which is attached to the heating instrument

Making a lounger for a cat on a battery is easy. And how to sew this the device is described step by step in the following master class:

  1. First build a wood frame. Mounting design elements of its top will depend on your design batteries. The lounger for the cat on the battery must hold firmly to in its place so that the pet, jumping on it from the floor, does not has fallen.
  2. Then sew a rectangular bag from thick fabric and tighten wooden frame.
  3. Insert the foam or synthetic winterizer inside.
  4. Attach the cat lounger to the battery.

Important! If done too a large cat lounger on the battery, it will interfere warm air entering the room. Therefore, the design does not should cover more than 20% of the heating area devices.

And how to make a lounger for a cat with your own hands, if you do not know how work with wood?

To do this, do the following:

  1. In a plumbing store, buy the largest PVC pipe diameter.
  2. Then cut the old coat in such a way that you get two rectangle of fur of different sizes: the smaller will be inside the pipe, and the larger one outside.
  3. Stitch the two sides of the small rectangle and nest the resulting fur pipe inside the PVC pipe.
  4. Wrap the pipe in a large rectangle to make fur mink, as shown in the photo below. Edges of the inner and external rectangles, manually download.
  5. Now you need to solve the question: how to make a sunbed for a cat with his own hands so that he holds firmly on the radiator. For this sew fasteners around the edge of the product, and with their help fix the cat lounger on the battery.

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat

In a fur mink, a fluffy darling will be cozy and warm

Important! Attaching a fur mink to to the radiator, be sure to check if it is firm enough holds on. If the purr together with the structure breaks down, then, most likely, she’s not to such an unreliable bed will do.

Simple models: for window sill, from sweaters

So, how to sew a deckchair for a cat with your own hands on windowsill? First you need to measure the width windowsill and calculate the size of the future crib, and then pick up suitable material.

Advice! To lounger on the windowsill fits harmoniously into the interior of the room, can be used for of its manufacture the same fabric from which it was sewn curtains.

The sunbed on the windowsill is best done in the form of a regular rectangular or square pads. Sewing it is so simple that it’s not even a pattern is required, but if desired, you can decorate the pillow frill or edging.

For a playful pet, you can sew on one of the corners of the pillow the pompom on the braid, and so that the purr does not constantly drop its crib on the floor, it is advisable to attach it to the windowsill double-sided tape.

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat

A rigid bench on the windowsill can be fixed with two clamps. This type of fastener is especially relevant for too narrow window sills

If the pet likes not only to observe nature through the window, but also walking on the street, it’s worth buying a collar for her fleas and ticks to protect the animal from unexpected troubles.

For those who are thinking about how to sew a deckchair for a cat with their own hands from improvised materials as simple as possible, you can try make it from a sweater. Keep in mind that it should be made of natural, fairly warm and dense yarn.

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat

A lounger for a cat from a sweater, which even can sew beginner needlewoman

To make a cat lounger from a sweater is as simple and fast as lounger on the windowsill. To do this, just turn out sweater inside out, sew up the neck tightly, sew the sleeves together and fill them with padding polyester. The photo shows how to make a sunbed for a cat from a sweater step by step.

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat

Do-it-yourself lounger for a cat: A detailed guide to creating products

To make a lounger for a cat with your own hands, you will need a small piece of fabric or an old sweater, soft filler and a bit of imagination. You can arrange a place for your favorite pet at window sill, battery, or any other convenient place.

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