DIY clothes for dogs: Photo

Smooth-haired dogs may freeze during the walk. To prevent this, the owners dress their favorite pets. Autumn clothes for dogs can be created with your own hands, so that the four-legged friend flaunted in designer attire.

If the dog does not have too short hair, then it will not freeze and in a usual blouse.

Dog in blue polo

Decorated with rhinestones, the clothes will become truly glamorous.

Dog in a pink suit

Although many owners still prefer overalls. To stand out from the crowd, you can decorate it with applications.

Dog in autumn clothes with applique

A charming vest certainly will not allow your pet freeze or get wet.

Dachshund in a red vest

Ears on hoods and hats are in fashion, so why not current costume and your favorite?

Dog in a suit with ears

For especially cold and damp days, jumpsuit with the hood.

A dog in a suit with a hood

Is your girl a fashionista? Then a vest in the style of Santa Claus for sure she will like it.

Dog dressed as Santa Claus

Still, more practical options are better to sew from waterproof tissue.

Dog in a suit of waterproof fabric

Bright red jumpsuit will not allow the pet to get lost in the crowd.

Dog in red overalls

Outfits for dachshunds do not require sleeves, which makes it easier to sew simple.

Dachshund in a beautiful jumpsuit

As a decoration on the hood, you can attach fur.

Dogs in elegant suits with hoods

So that the dog does not get lost during a walk in the dark autumn in the evenings, wear reflective stripes on your outfit.

Dog in a suit with reflective stripes

And such a jumpsuit is suitable for walks in the cold season of late in the fall and even in the winter.

Dog in a suit for late fall

However, if you do not like or do not know how to sew, autumn clothes for the dog can be tied.

A dog in a striped knitted suit

Or make from an old sweater.

Doggie in a suit from an old sweater

A buttoned blouse is easier to put on your pet.

Dog in a jacket with a fastener on buttons

The hood protects the dog’s ears from the harsh autumn winds.

Doggie in a jacket with a hood

It is a pity that knitted clothes get wet.

A beautiful pink dog costume made with your own hands

And such a sweater with tassels is suitable for walking in the dry season, but it looks just charming.

A dog in a beautiful orange sweater

We are responsible for those who have tamed. If your dog freezes during time for walks, it’s better to wear it After all, a healthy pet is happy master.

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