Day was replaced by night, and he continued to wait and hope

On the way to Hohhot, in the Inner Autonomous Region Mongolia, on the spot, a dog sits.

The first four-legged was noticed by the taxi driver Guo Xinhua, who often travels along this route. He shot this touching video, circled the internet.

According to the driver, the dog has been sitting on the road for almost three months. She is shy, does not allow anyone to herself to feed. But if leave the dog alone, he will still return to his place. By according to some, the mistress of the animal died in a traffic accident 21 august. And from that day the dog does not leave the ill-fated place in the hope that they will come for him.

People were very touched by the video. Volunteers promised to find the closest relatives of the dead woman, ready to shelter the dog for a while cold weather. If no one is found, the animal will be caught and look for new owners.

Hachiko still exists.

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