Dancing with trunks in the park of Primorye

Workers of the Bikin National Park in Primorye processed data from hidden camera traps. Amur bears fell into the frames tigers, wild boars and roe deer. All animals showed their favorite places in the park, RIA Novosti reports.

Bikin Researchers Collected Thousands of Photos and Watches video footage from the life of wild animals. On the posted video in Youtube amur tiger walks among bushes and trees, the bear rubs its back against the tree with pleasure, as well as the whole family wild boars went out in search of food.

According to a researcher at Vladimir National Park Popova, every animal in the forest has its favorite place. On frames with a few weeks difference to the same tree fit tiger and bear. The tiger, like any predator, marks territory, claiming these possessions. A bear scratches about the same tree back while dancing.

For a more visual photo of tigers, park staff installed more photo and video traps. Until the end of autumn is planned place about twenty hidden cameras.

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