Dachshund and the lion – friendship forever (video)

In the animal world, there are examples of amazing friendships, explain which people are unable to. Such a touching friendship originated in Greater Winnwood American Park between the formidable king animals and a small dog breed dachshund.

In the park for exotic animals in Oklahoma, the lion got completely little kitten, and it saved his life. Lion cub by name Bondigger was born sick and weak, his mother refused him, and he would inevitably die if good people did not help.

Lion and the little dachshund

The kid grew up in a huge luxurious beast, but retained gratitude and affection for the people who saved him and the dog. In the zoo, Bondigger became the adoptive mom cute dachshund: she fed the foundling and still believes his own child, albeit a very large one.

Video: Dachshund became the adoptive mother for the lion

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