Cynical business: woman sends kittens parcels

In Bashkiria, the soulless fraudster invented a new type of business. She picks up homeless kittens in a shelter, sells them under the guise of purebred and … sends to customers in postal parcels.

A girl from Ufa found on the ad of a kitten in Sterlitamak, which she really liked in the photo. Having paid the required amount, the buyer soon received a notice of the parcel and was amazed found a barely alive kitten in a cardboard box. Whether it is necessary say that the little exhausted vagabond had nothing to do with animals from the picture in the ad.

The indignant brother of the girl turned to the local for help zoodefenders. Volunteers are trying to figure out a scammer and somehow stop her brutal business. how it turned out that this woman regularly picks up babies in a shelter for homeless animals. How many “thoroughbred kittens” she has already managed sell in this way is still unknown.

Box with kittens

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