Cuban fisherman discovered fused twin reptiles

Osvaldo Lopez, along with his son, dug out worms to bait fish. Suddenly a man opened a masonry with a turtle, where he saw strange babies. Picking up the turtles, he realized that they were Siamese twins.

Osvaldo and his son took the reptiles home, although they were not sure that they can survive. But the twins had other plans for life: the next day the turtles finally hatched and with greed began to eat everything that they were given.

Siamese twin turtles

The news of the Siamese babies quickly scattered, and everyone came to see this miracle of nature. Many began to offer money for turtles with fused shells. But the fisherman’s family doesn’t I wanted to part with already beloved reptiles.

The man explained that in the future, when the turtles grow, and they will need special care, he will transfer them to the institution, which studies these animals.

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