Cows love chocolate and lollipops: video

Kurgan farmers took advantage of the experience of Americans who for several decades, fed cows with sweets for increase yields. Our candies also benefited.

For three years of sweet life in the barn it turned out: glucose promotes better absorption of protein, and at the same time improves cows mood. Glinka CJSC receives daily until sixty liters of milk from each sweet tooth.

Cows on the farm

During lunch in the barn, music necessarily sounds – cows prefer disco

Tatyana Bougera, the chief livestock specialist of the farm, says that in her wards menu includes both chocolates and caramels – they are bought for the sake of saving, not in the store, but directly at the confectionery the factory. Almost half a ton of sweets are consumed daily, approximately kilogram per milk cow. In addition, every day fed one curd dessert.


Well, tell me, can I stand such a look?

But cow children are not supposed to be sweet. Calves with such pitiful eyes beg for a treat that farm workers restrain themselves with great difficulty – but still do not give kids sweets.

Video: sweet life for cows

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