Contestants nearly tore in half alive piglet

Merry rural holiday in Zaborolye in Volyn (Ukraine) ended in scandal. participating in a harmless competition the villagers were so carried away that they nearly tore the living piglet.

Community Day is traditionally held in late August on a rural the stadium. Mass festivals are famous for their numerous mobile contests, one of which is simply called “Catch piglet. ”

Its rules are extremely simple: on the field of the stadium nimble and agile piglets, and the villagers catch them. Caught up and caught – your live prize. There was a controversial situation, two the villagers grabbed hold of the pigs with a stranglehold – miraculously succeeded to take away from them a squeal of squealing from pain.

Moment of the competition

Aunts were condemned together, but one of them nevertheless claimed her prize. By the way, the lady in the red blouse won. Report that the injured piglet has already come to his senses and eats with appetite. Such contests in the village promised no longer spend.

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