Clubfoot guest: in America, the bear came to the wedding

An uninvited guest showed up for a wedding in Tennessee, USA. The newlyweds made the bear happy with their visit.

True, he glanced briefly. Everything happened in the city Gatlinburg, after the festive ceremony, when the guests went to house to mark the event. The bride and groom stayed on the street to Take part in a wedding photo shoot.


The newlyweds Cory Brewer and Sarina Thompson did not expect that to them on the bear will appear in the wedding

At this time, a big bear headed towards them. Photographer Leah McMahan was not afraid of the beast and even took a few pictures.

bear at the wedding

Gatlinburg is near the national park Great Smoky Mountains, which is home to about one and a half thousand blacks bears

The clubfoot was captured next to the scenery for the ceremony. Soon the bear retired to the forest, apparently offended that he was not treated to a wedding dinner.

baribal bear

Black bears live in North America, their other name is baribals

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