Closed toilets for cats: choose comfort for pet and cleanliness for home

The comfort of your living with him depends on the correct choice of a toilet for a cat.

One of the key moments of a comfortable living together A man with his murka is a toilet matter.

It’s often easy to come to a compromise with kitty if you know how to do it.

Therefore, it’s better to take the time to read the article you need than fight hard with cat dirty tricks.

A pet needs a toilet first, although not additions such as a claw-point with house for a cat.

Indeed, for a cat this is, first of all, comfort – she cannot live in a booth or aviary, like a dog, according to her needs, more attention needs to be paid.

Before deciding what to buy - closed or open toilets for cats - you need to pay attention to the material of manufacture, surface smoothness, size and shape

Before deciding to buy toilets for cats closed or open, pay attention to workmanship, surface smoothness, size and shape


  • 1 How to choose a toilet for cats?
  • 2 Cat Litter Models
  • 3 We train a cat to a tray

How to choose a toilet for cats?

Before deciding what to buy – toilets for cats closed or open – you need to pay attention to following:

  1. The material of manufacture. Important The moment is the strength and weight of the product. Won’t the kitty flip pot on yourself if you suddenly stumble or be too hard dig in your “business”?
  2. Surface smoothness. Cat instinctively raking in his stool, even if in a pot no filler. In the process of this action, the animal can get hurt if something sharp sticks out on the surface of the tray. Therefore, picking up the subject and evaluating its weight, carefully sweep your palm over all its surfaces.
  3. Size, depth, shape. Cat must not only fit freely in your pot, but also without embarrassment move in it. If she is uncomfortable, pussycat will find for herself the place is more spacious.

How much filler will fly out depends on the depth of the tray out of it when the cat will be there to bite.

You won’t take the cat out to the street every time to meet your needs, he needs a furnished home toilet

You won’t take out a cat every time for reference needs, he needs an equipped home toilet

The cat litter form for its user usually does not have of great importance if the above parameters are taken into account. But it important for the owners.

Depending on the environment of the room where the tray will stand, may need angular, square, oval or rectangular its variant.

The aesthetics of perception are also influenced by whether open or closed toilet for cats.

Testimonials here can help you get some feedback on the data. models.

Still, closed toilets for cats use more popularity.


One of the most common models is a plastic one-piece tray

Cat Litter Models

Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  • Simple plastic one-piece tray. Most often it has a rectangular shape and low sides. No additional intricacies to it are not offered.


– low cost;

– convenient for kittens that are easy to climb into;

– compactness;

– ease of maintenance.


– it can be used only in combination with a filler;

– the cat easily throws out a good part of it from it filler.

  • Tray with high sides. It is so the same model as above, only with an additional “gadget” – removable sides. They can be used to fasten a film that is cleaned after visiting the pussycat toilet. And wash do not need anything!


– thanks to the high sides of the cat is not so easy to scatter filler;

– instead of filler, you can use the film, thanks which tray is easy to keep clean;

– high sides create additional comfort, the cat feels more comfortable.


– takes up more space compared to the previous model.

The mesh tray is the same plastic tray, only a plastic mesh is put on top of it. Through it, stools flow into the tray, leaving the cat's paws dry and clean.

A grid tray is the same ordinary plastic, only on it the mesh is put on top. Through it, stools flow into the tray, leaving the cat’s paws dry and clean

  • Tray with a grid. This is the same a plastic tray on which, like a lid, is put on top plastic mesh. Through it, stools flow into the tray, leaving the cat’s paws dry and clean.


– no filler needed;

– the cat does not get dirty.


– the tray and net should be washed after each visit to the home pet

– nothing prevents the smell from spreading around the room, where there is a cat pot;

– not all cats like that their claws get stuck in the net, when they are combing; and from this habit to wean the animal is not succeed, because you will not go against instincts.

Closed toilets for cats are comfortable for your kitties and easy to clean.

Closed toilets for cats are comfortable for your kitties and easy are being cleaned

  • Tray-house or closed toilet for cats. Sometimes a door is attached to it, with which Kitty is easy to handle. But not all pets like this device.

Important! When choosing among these models Pay particular attention to easy cleaning.


– if the toilet for cats is closed, it holds everything perfectly smells

– most cats like a closed space in which they feel safe;

– does not allow to scatter a filler;

– the cat will not miss him, which sometimes happens if tray open;

– even an insecure and fearful animal will approve such host choice.


– higher cost.

Toilets for cats are closed and automated, similar to a spaceship

Toilets for cats are closed and automated like a spaceship

  • Auto tray. This is the last cat litter achievement. It has an aesthetic look and does not require the attention of the owners of the cat to keep it in cleanliness.


– absolutely no smells;

– does not need daily maintenance;

– For many models, no filler is required.


– very high cost;

– the cleaning process can scare a cat that will never again will not come close to this terrible “beast.”

You can even train a cat to use a human toilet

You can even train a cat to use human toilet bowl

  • Tray on the toilet. More correct even say – a set of tray and several rings. Toilet first put on the tray into which the filler is poured, and the kitty gets used jump in there to relieve need. Then the tray is removed, put on a ring with a small hole, and the cat learns to the fact that now it’s impossible to stomp in the middle. Then down the toilet put on the following rings with large holes; gradually Murka learns to send his needs, settling on ordinary toilet seat.

Important! Between the change of these “nozzles” should take at least two to three weeks.


– the cat does not get dirty;

– odors do not spread;

– filler is needed only at first.


– not all cats can be trained to go to the toilet, these animals like more secluded corners than a relatively large area toilet

– After kitty must be washed off.

Looking for something between practicality, aesthetics, serviceability and pet comfort good The option is a closed toilet for cats.

You can buy it at a very reasonable price. And you can do such a tray-house and independently – forums and sites DIY craftsmen to help you!

Important! If pussycat decided to live in her toilet, it often means that she feels in danger, frightened by something. Therefore, it is more comfortable for her to be near her smell.

You need to teach kittens to the toilet from the first days of life in your house

You need to teach kittens to the toilet from the first days of life in your at home

We train a cat to a tray

If you brought home a fluffy mewing lump, it is important that he quickly figured out where his food, bedroom and pot.

The first two points are usually no problem. But with third, some babies can’t figure it out.

Therefore, from the very beginning it is important that the owner undertakes correct actions:

  1. Immediately show the kitten where he needs to go to the toilet. Well, if there is an opportunity to take a handful of filler, in which he went before when he lived with his mother. Hearing your smell baby will orient faster. To make it clearer what you want from a cat, take his foot and bury it in filler.
  2. In the first couple of weeks, restrict the kitten’s movement around the house. A kid may simply not reach his pot when he “bake”, or even get lost. Is it worth it later to scold him for this is?
  3. If the kitten still spoils anywhere, then as soon as you caught him on a hot one, strictly report to a shkodnik, take him to pot and bury there with his foot. Now dip a piece toilet paper in the urine of the baby and put it in his tray. Again show the kitten where he needs to go to help.
  4. The place where the cat has croaked, first you need to wipe with a solution water and vinegar 50/50, when it dries, wipe it again hydrogen peroxide. If you are afraid that peroxide will discolor the coating, dilute it in half with water. After that, make sure that the kitten was uncomfortable going there – put something there or sprinkle with antigadine there, similar drugs are sold in veterinary pharmacies.

Important! If you notice a bunch or a puddle, after some time, after her “creation”, scold the animal useless. The kitten would never even think that he was in something to blame, since a causal relationship for him will be lost.

Closed toilets for cats can be built into the bedside table, then they can easily fit into your interior

Closed toilets for cats can be built into the bedside table, then they fit seamlessly into your interior

With an adult cat, the principle of action is the same as with a baby, unless you should limit it in space.

When an animal point blank does not agree to use its pot, it is worth considering changing the location of a cat toilet or the tray model itself for something more comfortable for Murzik.

In general, with a loving approach and perseverance, most cats do not conflict with the owners, and the toilet issue is resolved peacefully and fast.

Closed toilets for cats: choose comfort for the animal and cleanliness for home

Closed toilets for cats. There are different types of toilets for cats. Their open options are cheaper, but closed, at least and are more expensive, but much more comfortable for pets.

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