Cleaning the apartment with pets

Cleaning the apartment with pets

Pets are a joy for both adults and children.

At the same time, when it comes to cleaning the apartment with pets, owners are faced with a lot of additional difficulties.

However, this is not a reason to abandon the pleasure of communicating with fluffy homebody and home keeper.

Tidyroom cleaning company specialists know a lot about cleaning and are ready to share some of it secrets.

Cleaning the apartment with pets

So, if there’s an animal in the house, you’ll definitely have to clean up more often, than usual because every day a whole cloud of wool is in the air and fluff, and this is not counting the consequences of dirty paws and cleaning the toilet.

Better to start with ordinary wet cleaning, which is necessary spend at least once every two days.

For this purpose it is better to use a professional detergent means.

Many housewives use a bleach solution, however used daily bleaching is not necessary at all, as chlorine vapors are dangerous for humans and adversely affect pulmonary health system.

Instead of bleach, you can use more environmentally friendly by means which are quite enough in the department of household chemicals of any hypermarket.

Modern detergents do not emit odor and do not spoil wooden surfaces, they are completely safe for furniture and paints.

Cleaning the apartment with pets

During wet cleaning, a sponge or rag will accumulate wool, it can be easily collected if it accumulates in lumps.

To get rid of wool, you can use sticky substances or even non-standard methods of capture – using adhesive tape, for example.

However, extreme care should be taken with soft furniture that is sticky. the substance is difficult to wash.

The laws of physics will come to help the housewife – or rather, the ability electrified objects.

If you properly electrify an ordinary rubber glove, then all the wool that you can then easily attract It will be easy to rinse with water.

Cleaning the apartment with pets

During active molting, woolen clothing should be protected from contact with the animal.

Of course, you can remove wool from clothes by purchasing store adhesive tape designed for this purpose.

The animal should be combed regularly if combed at least once a day, then the wool in the house will be much less, and in hot the period to the animal will be easier.

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