Chow-chow puppy want to put in prison Britain

In Stoke Brunn, a puppy named Bangley is accused of attempt on a police officer.

A four-month-old puppy ran away from its owners and within a week walked through the streets of the city. And as the places for rest I chose large trucks under which it was safe to hide.

Puppy with a toy

The Bangli masters lifted all police stations to their ears, if only find a lost pet. One policeman still managed find Bangley when he was sleeping under the car.

The policeman stuck his hand to him to get it, but the dog from surprises bit a man by the finger. The officer wrote a statement to animal marked “The dog tried to kill me.” Now harmless the puppy faces a real prison term – 9 months in nursery for delinquent animals.

Information about the policeman’s act appeared on the Internet. Netizens in indignation and anger asked to change their minds minister law enforcement and close the case. But the Chow Chow owners have already hired successful lawyer and are not afraid to lose in court.

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