Chimpanzees moonlight as bath attendants: video for Have a good mood

Awesome video is gaining views and likes on the network: two monkeys help a guy bathe a dog. All this fun company works in a circus, and artists with inspiration fulfill their roles.

Bathing a white Labrador is a responsible matter. Young man diligently washes his dog, and a pair of chimpanzees help: rub the dog with soapy foam. The bathhouse team works seamlessly – they obviously not the first time they are engaged in water procedures together. Judging by everything, the Labrador very much likes what is happening.

Bathing Labrador

Cleanliness is the key to health. The bathing day will continue as soon as the blue basin will be freed: now the monkeys themselves and their the closest relative is a person.

Bathing the Chimpanzee

Video: bath day for a labrador and two chimpanzees

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