Cat Toilet Filler: A Review of the Best manufacturers

Cat litter for the toilet

Cat litter for the toilet is absorbent and clumping, based on sawdust, minerals and silica gel granules.

The choice depends on the nature and age of the cat, preferences owners, financial opportunities, this decision will depend the frequency of cleaning the cat tray.

The presence of a cat in the house is a lot of positive emotions, especially when the owners chose the right cat litter for the toilet.

It inhibits the spread of unpleasant odors and absorbs moisture.

In pet stores a wide selection of compounds is presented.

Therefore, it is important to understand their pros and cons and choose the most The best filler for your pet.


  • 1 Why use filler
  • 2 How fillers are classified according to the principle of action
  • 3 The main types of fillers for trays
  • 4 Features of mineral fillers
  • 5 The most modern compositions
  • 6 What is known about Japanese tray fillers
  • 7 A variety of fillers – which one to choose?
  • 8 Rating of popular brands
  • 9 What foreign brands are represented on the market

Why you should use filler

The filler is a special composition that cat’s tray is filled.

It is used for both open and closed models.

To date, such mixtures are based on wood sawdust, minerals.

They differ in the size and shape of the granules. An important factor when choosing – this is the price, which has a large spread.

Previously, the cat tray was filled with scraps of newspapers or sawdust.

But such remedies are unlikely to be beneficial to her health, and to replace they are needed much more often.

Using cat litter is preferred both for the pets themselves and for their owners.

  1. When there is enough filler in the tray, the cat always knows where she needs to go to the toilet. Also, due to the small size of the granules, it’s easy for kitties to bury their waste.
  2. The special composition absorbs unpleasant odors and moisture, therefore the owner will be comfortable, and the tray will not have to be washed daily.

Important! The best filler is chosen by the following characteristics: composition, principle of operation, granule size, cost.

How fillers are classified by principle of action

If you pay attention to the structure of the filler, we can distinguish two groups:

  • absorbent;
  • lumping together.

Absorbent composition does not change its structure after get wet.

As you use it, liquid accumulates in the lower layers, and it affects how to use it.

This cat litter requires a complete replacement about 2 times a week.

If you do not do it in a timely manner, it starts to come from the tray bad smell.

More often it will be necessary to replace a layer of granules if the house contains some cats.

The composition can be relatively cheap to buy at pet stores.

Cat litter for the toilet

Mineral filler consists of small granules

The clumping cat litter is different in that that when liquid gets on it, it rolls into solid lumps.

This is reflected in the recommendations on how to use it.

To keep it clean, just remove these lumps from the tray and add a fresh layer of granules.

In order for the clumping filler to justify its name, it should be poured with a layer of at least 8 cm.

However, it’s unlikely to get a cheap high-quality composition will work out.

The main types of fillers for trays

Before choosing a cat litter, it’s worth pay attention to its composition.

The following varieties are presented:

  • woody;
  • mineral absorbent;
  • clumping;
  • silica gel.

Wood filler is quite widespread due to its low prices.

It is a wood pellet pressed in the form of granules. shavings.

It is made from natural ingredients, absorbs liquid well and does not dust, it can be cheaply bought at any pet store.

Wood filler inhibits the spread of bacteria and bad smell.

The mixture is safe for cat’s health. It is recommended to replace the composition in the tray twice a week, the mixture used can flush the toilet.

Cat litter for the toilet

Pellet wood filler

By cons include the fact that pellets from pressed chips swell a lot.

As a result, they fall apart, and the animal can drag them to wool and paws throughout the house.

In this case, cleaning the house with pets do more often.

According to recommendations on how to use, it is worth noting that it need to be replaced more often than mineral compounds.

However, due to its characteristics, it will suit both kittens and adult cats.

Features of mineral fillers

On the shelf in the pet store you can see another filler – mineral absorbent.

It is made on the basis of minerals with a porous structure.

From the instructions on how to use it, it is clear that it is being replaced a little less often than woody – once a week is enough.

Granules absorb liquid well and prevent spread bad smell.

They do not stick to paws and are not carried around the house.

As for the cons, mineral absorbent dusting.

Important! When cleaning, mineral fillers Do not flush the toilet to avoid clogging.

Cat litter for the toilet

Absorbent filler neutralizes odors

Its second variety is clumping filler.

For its production, quartz sand, chalk, bentonite.

It absorbs moisture and absorbs unpleasant smells.

The difference between clumping compounds is that when liquid gets in, they form a tight lump that is easy to remove from the tray.

The remaining granules will be clean, complete replacement is carried out as accumulation of lumps.

Particles of granules do not stick to the legs of the pet and do not get stuck between the pads.

It is worth noting that the price of clumping filler is 3-4 times higher than absorbent value.

For granules, dusting is also characteristic, which is important to consider when falling asleep mixture in the tray.

It is suitable primarily for owners of one cat.

If the house contains several fluffy pets, the owners will have to constantly choose the resulting lumps.

The composition is not recommended for small kittens – because of their curiosity and desire to check everything for edibility.

Therefore, if the cat has recently had a baby, the choice filler will have to be reviewed.

Important! Optimal layer for education lumps – 8 cm.

The most modern compositions

The most modern of those presented in pet stores can be called best absorption silica gel filler moisture.

It is made on the basis of polysilicic acid and represents a white muddy balls with colored splashes.

The substance has the same chemical composition as sand, but differs in structure and is a dried gel.

It does not swell and does not form a viscous mass. Replace completely the contents of the tray need only 2-4 times per month.

Cat litter for the toilet

Silica gel filler granules

Important! To keep the tray clean solid waste must be removed from it daily and mixed gel filler to moisture evenly distributed.

As in other cases, there is a minus here – you can buy it only at a high price.

And although at first glance the gel filler is not affordable for many to the owners of cats, it is economically consumed.

Another point is a specific crunch. Some animals (or their owners) it’s not easy to get used to it.

However, as the reviews show, it is not expressed in all brands. Yes and all cats are very individual.

Choosing a cat litter, you can see another variety is corn.

It is not often found in pet stores, but it has good characteristics.

Corn cobs are taken for its manufacture.

This type of composition absorbs moisture well, it also saves home finances, it can be bought cheaply in comparison with others varieties.

Minus – the lightness of the granules, because of which the filler is spread across the whole house.

It also has a specific smell, so it’s necessary the soul is not all pussies.

And to buy it, you have to get around a lot of pet stores.

Cat litter for the toilet

Corn filler (top) is not common in stores

What is known about Japanese tray fillers

Finding the answer to the question, what should be the best filler, some owners pay attention to Japanese brands.

They are made from environmentally friendly materials and, according to manufacturers are economically spent.

The following are some of them.

  1. Clumping, made from starch and paper, changing added color indicator.
  2. Clumping based on crushed wood and starch.
  3. Clumping from cellulose and coal inclusions.
  4. Tofu – made from compressed soybean fibers.

These are just some of the items in the Japanese assortment. fillers.

Due to the characteristics of the composition, they can be removed through sewer.

A variety of fillers – which one to choose?

Given the variety of goods presented in pet stores, not so easy to decide which cat litter better.

Before you buy a package, you should consider three factors:

  • the nature and characteristics of the furry pet (because for Don Sphinx, Maine Coon, Savannah and Persian cats require different compositions);
  • own preferences;
  • financial opportunities.

There are general recommendations and selections of the best reviews that help you navigate among the offers and choose the best cat filler.

Important! Speaking of cat comfort, It’s also worthwhile to pick up a cat house with scratching point for your pet.

In fact, these compounds can not be called universal.

You need to select a mixture for each specific case.

  1. When several cats live in a house or apartment, it’s worth buy absorbent filler. Coming in this situation acquire impractical.
  2. The most safe for cats is considered a wood filler. It is recommended for animals with skin problems and prone to allergies.
  3. Granule size is selected according to age and length wool. Small granules are suitable for kittens and with sensitivity skin. Large ones are recommended for long-haired cats.
  4. Some manufacturers offer flavored fillers, as they better mask odors. Upon their purchase it is worth considering that the preferences of the owner and pet here may not coincide. If a citrus aroma seems pleasant to a person, then he can just push the cat away. Light smell of lavender will be more appropriate.
  5. For apartments containing several cats, recommended silica gel filler. However, for small kittens he does not fits.

Interesting! Ultimately choose which cat litter is better to use, it will be cat. Her behavior will immediately make it clear whether she approved the choice. the hosts.

Rating of popular brands

To decide which cat litter is best for owners and for the pet, it is worth considering the rating of Russian and foreign manufacturers.

  1. Katsan is one of the most common Russian brands. The manufacturer offers absorbent filler for the manufacture of which is used processed chalk, quartz sand and mineral components. You can hear different reviews about the quality of this composition. According to the information on the packaging, it should be replaced once. in 5-6 days.

Cat litter for the toilet

One of the most famous brands

  1. For a long time on the Russian market there is a filler “Pure legs. “The line of clumping bentonite and wood formulations in the form of granules.
  2. For those who prefer gel fillers, a suitable composition Russian brand “Kotyara magic balls.” It holds well unpleasant odors and will cope with its task for a long time, even if several cats use the tray. But like others silica gels, it is not recommended if there are small ones in the house kittens.
  3. Of the Russian brands, it is worth noting the Pi-Pi-Bent. For production this clumping filler uses high quality concrete clay. Separate rulers with flavorings.

Cat litter for the toilet

Carefully choose a flavoring filler.

What foreign brands are represented on the market

  1. According to reviews, Ever Clean is the best of fillers, represented in the Russian market. Manufacturer offers clumping clay composition. Although it is more expensive than mixtures of other brands, it economically consumed. In addition, the composition has antibacterial properties.

Cat litter for the toilet

High quality antibacterial filler properties

  1. Another American brand – Fresh Step (Fresh Step) from the company Clorox. Clumping clay and silica gel mixtures are presented. The brand can be called one of the most popular around to the world.

Cat litter for the toilet

One of the most popular formulations in the world.

  1. More affordable Canadian Extreme Classic. By quality it has almost the same indicators as Ever Clean, from the best filler in the rating it is distinguished only by a more modest packaging.
  2. German manufacturer introduces Cat`s Best, made on the basis of sawdust from fir. Perhaps this is the only clumping wood filler.

Cat litter for the toilet

Clumping Wood Filler

  1. The next brand is “Cat`s Choice”. Submitted by based on concrete with the addition of flavorings and wood.

Choose the best filler that you like fluffy favorite and arrange hosts, it can be difficult.

In the end, it’s the cat who will make the final choice and decides what will fill up her tray.

A large role is played by the number of cats in the house.

Given the characteristics of absorbent and clumping compounds, and also reviews from other owners, you can make the best a choice.

Cat litter for a toilet: Rating of the best manufacturers

Cat litter for the toilet is absorbent and clumping, based on sawdust, minerals and silica gel granules. The choice depends on the nature and age of the cat, preferences owners, financial opportunities, this decision will depend the frequency of cleaning the cat tray.

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