Cat Prophet from the Hermitage

The cat prophet from the Hermitage continues with great success predict the future.

There are many cats in the Hermitage – only 50 pieces. Turns them out there are bred in order to preserve paintings and valuable exhibits from vandals – mice and rats.

So, one of the “guards” of the museum was clearly distinguished by the fact that it became Predict the future and give interviews.

White-haired cat Achilles is 5 years old. Museum workers share that have long noticed its feature. Firstly he deaf. Secondly, it has a well-developed intuition. For example, he can easily find what others cannot afford.

For five consecutive times the cat predictions of Achilles with accuracy confirmed.

In 2017, he predicted a victory in the Cup final. Confederations.

This year, the prophet cat confirmed his high status by the fact that correctly predicts the results of the World Cup.

How does this happen? Next to the cat are two bowls of food or two houses with country flags, and Achilles comes up and chooses the right one. The result we see at the 2018 World Cup.

Tell me, do you believe that this happens?

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