Cat Peach loves to “read” books

Librarian Olga Dudoladova lives in Istra near Moscow. Recently, a red cat settled in her house, which, like the mistress, live can’t without books.

Cute kitten, which was given in good hands, Olga noticed by an ad on the internet. I took it to myself, called Peach. And soon she discovered that she and her pet had one for two fiery passion for reading.

Peach loves the smell of book pages and is ready whole days to leaf through their nose. Cat makes it very neatly and definitely not for pampering. From time to time he carefully peers into the text, and then leafs through the book further. Mistress suspects that Peach can read.

The cat is reading a book

Of the entire home book collection, the cat prefers works. Chekhov. This is probably no coincidence, because it is in the library named after This great Russian writer works Olga Dudoladova.

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