Cat in the trash!

The owners threw the domestic cat in the trash to fly away in vacation. This was reported today on the information portal “Says Moscow”.

The incident happened at the airport of Perm. One of the passers-by accidentally discovered an animal. Pedigree cat, persian, well-groomed, adult. He was locked in a carry case for animals. Feline packaging was next to the cage. for the tray and feed.

There was terrible heat on the street. The animal languished for several hours in a stuffy “prison” without water in the heat. When a woman found him, the cat didn’t meowed, did not move, panted. The animal was completely exhausted.

The woman took him to a veterinary clinic. There the Persian was provided with the necessary help. His life is in danger, the veterinarians assured the doctors. However, clinic staff also told the media that the mental state the animal is very bad. The cat is depressed. He does not eat, does not drink. A large part of the time sleeps or just lies.

Alleged reason why the thoroughbred animal turned out to be in the trash – he was not allowed to board the plane. And the owners are so strong they wanted to fly away to rest, which they did not have time to arrange for their pet necessary documents for transportation.

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