Cat grooming machine at home: Useful tool for quick grooming.

The machine for cutting cats at home

A cat grooming machine at home is an indispensable accessory in the house, especially if your pet longhair.

This device can save you significant money. at beauty salons for animals and do not need a groomer.

Cat hair needs a haircut first of all in hygienic purposes.

Soft and fine hair is very difficult to cut, however, has the ability to form tangles and collect large amount of dirt and debris.

First of all, it concerns the Persian and Siberian cats as well ragdolls and maine coons.


  • 1 What is a cat grooming machine at home
  • 2 What types of cars are
  • 3 How to choose the right machine for the cat
  • 4 How to cut a cat without scaring her
  • 5 Is it possible to sharpen knives yourself
  • 6 How to care for the tool
  • 7 Where to buy a cat clipper

What is a cat grooming machine at home

Specially designed for home use machines for cat haircuts tend to have little power.

This is very important because a cat is like no other domestic cat. animal, annoying loud sounds.

They are equipped with special knives that cut without any problems. specific soft cat hair.

It is especially important that the cat grooming machine is at home coped with feline undercoat, which is difficult to shearing.

Cutting cat hair is difficult enough for him not every hair clipper will do.

In order to be able to cut your pet in at home with comfort, you can choose:

  • A universal model that adapts to any type of wool
  • Special cat grooming models

You can look at the most unusual haircuts of cats and cats. here: https: //

What types of cars are

Clippers for cats are divided into two main groups: mechanical (manual) and electrical.

The mechanical cat clipper looks like ordinary pliers connected by a screw.

A cutting surface is placed at their edges.

The machine for cutting cats at home

Mechanical cat grooming machine

Electric models, in turn, are divided into:

  • Vibrating
  • Pendulum
  • Rechargeable
  • Rotary

Low power vibration models are only suitable for home use.

The device produces little noise. Suitable for animals with soft medium-long hair, like a British cat and Kurilian Bobtail.

The machine for cutting cats at home

Electric cat clipper

Pendulum devices have more power.

Their main advantage is low cost. They also used only at home.

Cordless cat grooming machine at home equipped with removable knives.

Its shortcoming is considered to be a short period of work, however you can easily find a way out of this situation by buying a second battery and, if necessary, change it.

You can also buy a model with mixed nutrition, which allows the device is additionally powered from the network.

The machine for cutting cats at home

Complete cat grooming kit

The most powerful – rotary cat grooming machine at home conditions.

With its help, you can cut even the longest and thickest cat wool that has not even been combed out previously by the facilitator.

Built-in air cooling system allows the device work for a long period of time.

How to choose the right car for a cat

Choosing a cat hair trimmer should start with quality material of knives, it directly depends on how much the tool will be functional.

Ceramics is considered the best material for knives, as it heats much less than steel.

As for the noise produced by the device, then, of course, optimal are models that produce as little as possible the amount of noise that the animal will not scare.

In this case, the animal will not be afraid, and the chances of cutting it increase evenly and gently.

Machine control should be the simplest – Ergonomics are extremely important.

This applies to the replacement of nozzles and speed control knives.

The package should include accessories and cutting tips wool on different parts of the animal’s body.

The machine for cutting cats at home

Convenient cat grooming machine

Secondary, but no less important details for which you should pay attention when choosing a tool, are:

  • battery indication
  • wiring quality
  • high power to cope with coarse undercoat without overheating.

Large blade widths accelerate cutting large animal.

For ears, paws there should be special small nozzles – trimmers.

How to cut a cat without scaring her

The cat is a rather shy animal, therefore, it is desirable attract an assistant, a well-known person an animal that will hold and calm her.

About how to care for cat hair with the help of a furminator, can find out here: https: //

You should be prepared for the fact that as soon as you complete the first the movement of the included machine, the animal will try to escape.

The machine for cutting cats at home

Persian haircut “under the lion”

Talk affectionately to the cat throughout the process, it will calm her noticeably.

In the beginning, armpits and the back of the body, the genital area are sheared organs and anus (you need to be especially careful).

Trim the paw pads and tail, preferably after trimming scissors.

The head of the cat is not trimmed, the mane is carefully trimmed, wrapped animal in the blanket.

The movement of the machine during cutting can be directed as the direction of growth of the coat, and against it. Against the wool you shearing more fur.

It is undesirable to use nozzles shorter than 2 mm, as they increase the risk of injuring a cat.

Do not forget to cut the nails of the animal, if in your apartment is not equipped with a special claw point in house for the pet.

Koltuny are sheared with scissors, when cutting the skin of the animal pull, after the procedure the cat is wiped with a damp cloth or bathe.

You can read more about how to wash a cat at home. read here: https: //

The machine for cutting cats at home

Miniature lion

Is it possible to sharpen knives myself

Sharpen knives in the device yourself almost unreal.

Only a specialist knows the class of roughness of a working surface and the direction of the marks on it.

After sharpening, the master must blunt the side edges so that you do not cut yourself during the procedure.

Be sure to keep a perfectly flat working when sharpening knife surface.

Risks must be strictly parallel to the side faces, or is at a small angle.

The main thing is that the working surface is not mirrored – this will cause the knives to stick together during operation.

Summing up, we see that independent sharpening of the machine for cat grooming may not be done correctly, which will ruin her.

In addition, the craftsmen sharpen on a professional equipment, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of works.

How to care for a tool

The cat grooming machine does not require at home difficult care.

All that is necessary is to adhere to elementary rules. hygiene:

  1. Clean the instrument regularly. Wait until this it will cool. The procedure is carried out at least every 5 haircuts;
  2. You need to cut the washed animal so that the machine does not clog dust and dirt;
  3. To care for the device, you need to use special tools – brush and solution;
  4. Lubricate the device every time after cleaning.

Rules of care, which is necessary in order for the machine to haircuts cats at home has served for many years completely not complicated, do them regularly and you can always maintain Pet’s coat is in excellent condition.

The machine for cutting cats at home

Original cat haircut

Where to buy a cat clipper

Before you get a cat clipper, decide how often you intend to use it and how much it should be multifunctional.

The choice of models, the price of which is quite different, directly depends on whether you will cut the pet just in hygienic goals, or are you planning to create feline masterpieces hairstyles.

The tool can be purchased at:

  • Online store;
  • Real store;
  • By announcement.

The machine for cutting cats at home

Shearing process

The price in each of these places is different.

The quality of the purchased tool.

Different manufacturers and countries, different specifications and functionality also contributes to the fact that price Some models may differ significantly from others.

In the online store, as a rule, the lowest price on device, however, the minus is that the goods can be viewed only after receipt.

You can choose a product based on customer reviews, left on the site.

A cheaper tool can also be purchased from hand. But, in such In the event you will not have any guarantees regarding its quality and service life.

In real retail pet stores, the price is usually higher, but, the advantage of buying is that you can immediately inspect goods, holding it in his hands.

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