Cat Carrying Bag: Comfortable pet travel

Carrying bag for cats

If a person has a pet, he will need a carrying bag for cats.

Even if the pet does not leave the house, she may need a visit. to the vet or other small trip.

Keeping an animal in your arms is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous.

A frightened or tired pet sitting idle may decide slip away from the owner and take a walk.

This can lead to the loss of a pet or even her death if the animal decides to slip out in the middle of a busy street.

For this reason, every owner should have a bag in the arsenal. carrying for cats.


  • 1 What is a cat carry?
  • 2 Types of fixtures
  • 3 Choosing the Right Cat Carrying Bag
  • 4 Advantages of the bag over other modes of transportation
  • 5 How to make a carry bag yourself

What is a cat carry?

Carrying bag for different breeds of cats – a front line for comfortable transportation darlings.

The device provides:

  • Comfortable movement of the animal;
  • Reduces stress from travel;
  • Provides physical comfort;
  • Allows the owner not to worry too much about darling;
  • Protects a person from injuries that may not understanding what they want to do with him, animal.

Any movement for the animal against his will is stress.

New sounds will burst into the familiar world of a fourth friend and smells.

Meeting other people or animals may not cause the most pleasant emotions or even scare.

Being in a familiar place will create a sense of security.

The animal will be calmer in its small fortress.

Cats do not like to be in their arms for a long time. They need solid soil under your feet.

Carrying bottom, which the owner will need before buy, has a solid insert.

The device will not only protect the four-legged darling from dangers of the outside world, but also protect a person from sharp claws indignant animal.

Advice! Choosing a fixture for transportation of the animal is required taking into account its size. Dimensions carry bags for cats can vary significantly in depending on the breed and age of the animal.

A low-cost bag will serve as a secluded place for favorite throughout the trip.

She will protect the pet from the “terrible” outside world, and will make The trip is comfortable for both the animal and the person.

Carrying bag for cats

Going on a trip, the owner must take care not only of safety, but also about the pet’s natural needs. Definitely needed take food and water with you

Types of fixtures

Carrying bag allows you to cheaply buy a comfortable tool movement for the pet.

It will not only facilitate the movement of the animal, but also help fashionista look elegant and original.

Today, there are different types of devices. To them relate:

  • Wicker baskets;
  • Plastic containers;
  • Cloth carry.

Cloth carrying bags are the most convenient device for the owner.

They are lightweight and easy to carry.

There are many variations of cloth devices.

A girl can get a beautiful bag on her shoulder, nothing different than usual.

Advice! Small bags are suitable only for moving the animal over short distances. Carrying can be used for a visit to the veterinarian or a trip to the country. For long distance travel is unsuitable. The animal is tired of sitting in a container in which it cannot even change position.

Carrying bag for cats

A bag is not only comfort for a pet, but also a way stand out for the host

For longer trips, large cloth carrying.

They are made of synthetic material that protects animal against bad weather and guarantees it security.

The bag has a hard bottom, allowing the pet to feel comfortable.

The container door is made of transparent material, good air permeability.

The pet will be able to observe the world around from his shelter.

Important! Choose a carry bag for cats are not so simple. Devices that are inexpensive do not always have high quality. If the hostess is engaged needlework, she can make a cat carrying bag herself. For this You will need to study the photo of finished products.

The price of carry may vary manufacturer.

Popular models include:

  • Ibiyaya;
  • Triol;
  • Sturdibag Cube;
  • Incognito;
  • SturdiBag Large.

Ibiyaya is a foldable carry bag suitable for moving both cats and small dogs sizes such as Russian toy terrier, Pomeranian, Japanese Chin and Pekingese.

The device has earned positive reviews from the owners.

It is suitable for transporting animals whose weight is not exceeds 6 kg.

If a person prefers the Triol brand, he will be able to equip a device suitable for carrying small dogs breeds and cats.

The price of the container varies from 1500 to 5500 rubles and depends on the volume.

Medium-sized and priced bags are suitable for cats. categories.

SturdiBag Cube – the perfect choice for small cat owners rocks.

The device weighs 700 g and takes up little space.

It is convenient to store and carry. The container is designed for weight up to 9 kg, however, they will feel most comfortable in it animals weighing not more than 4 kg.

Important! SturdiBag Cube come in handy Owners of Devon Rex Machkina, Singapore and kittens up to 6 months.

Carrying bag for cats

Before you begin to use the carrying, four friend required to introduce her

Incognito – carrying, no different from the usual bags.

It is suitable for owners who do not want to stand out from the crowd during animal transportation time.

The device has many pockets, which allows you to take no only the pet itself, but also means for caring for it.

The bag has excellent ventilation.

However, due to the thick walls, the carrying cannot be used. for long-haired cats.

It will be hot in the container. The bag is suitable for travel along with your pet.

SturdiBag Large – the most popular bag among the goods of the manufacturer.

The manufacturer declares that the device is able to withstand animal weighing up to 18 kg.

However, the travel bag will provide only cats with comfort which weigh no more than 6 kg or kittens.

Important! SturdiBagLarge suitable for Don sphinxes Bengali Siberian Thai Angora and Burmese cats.

When choosing a carrier, the owner should first of all take care of comfort pet.

Do not buy a container too small for long travels. The pet will get tired of sitting in it.

Carrying bag for cats

A girl carrying a cat in such an original bag sure to notice even in the largest crowd

The right choice of carrying bags for cats

Choosing a travel container is the process you need to come up carefully.

The comfort of the pet depends on the correctness of the action mental and physical condition.

When choosing a suitable bag for a cat, a person should be guided by the following rules:

  1. For long trips, only a large carrying is suitable. The pet will get tired of being in a small space. He can become stuffy. Volume Savings May Affect Health animal.
  2. The bag should have a hard bottom. Cats do not like to be in in limbo. In addition, the inability to save Resilience can result in personal injury.
  3. The means of transportation must be reliable clasps. Weak mounts will not be able to keep the pet who decided leave the carrier. If this happens in the middle of a busy street, the animal runs the risk of being lost or injured.
  4. There must be a hole in the bag for oxygen and review to the animal. If the pet sees what’s going on outside, he will experience less fear.

Experts do not recommend locking the animal in a container. more than 10 hours.

If the owner went on a long trip and took with him animal, he must let the cat out into the fresh air at least 20-30 minutes.

To prevent your pet from getting lost, you can use it for a walk harness.

Carrying bag for cats

During the trip we must not forget about walking. Otherwise, the pet may try to stretch your paws yourself

If you have to travel in winter, you need to take care of so that the animal does not freeze.

It is required to choose a container for carrying in severe weather with dense walls.

A person can independently insulate a bag.

To do this, put warm on the bottom of the container litter.

If possible, top must be covered a warm blanket.

Advantages of the bag over other modes of transportation

Carry bag allows you to protect your pet from exposure from the outside.

The animal will feel protected and experience less. stress.

The fabric container is lightweight.

It is convenient to store and does not burden the owner during transportation pet.

Carrying bag for cats

Not only bags can be used to carry animals

Cloth carry is elegant. Some varieties are nothing different from the usual bags.

For a fashionable woman traveling with a pet, a container can be an addition to the image.

Carriers are made of a material that is easy to pass air.

The pet will not lack oxygen or suffer from heat.

A properly selected container will not only simplify the journey, but also guarantees comfort throughout the journey.

Carrying bag for cats

Properly chosen carrying is the key to pet comfort

How to make a carry bag yourself

You can get a container for transporting an animal and no extra expenses.

Do-it-yourself carriage for cats allows you to take into account individual pet size and weather conditions in which it will occur transportation.

For the manufacture you need to spend only on materials.

Girls involved in needlework, are concerned about the question: how to sew cat carrying bag?

Performing a process for people familiar with making things do it yourself, it’s not difficult.

Carrying bag for cats

To make a bag yourself, you can use simple scheme

To complete the process, you will need to carry a bag pattern for cats.

To carry out the operation, you can use the photo, which posted in the article.

Based on it, you will need to cut:

  • Rectangle;
  • Bottom;
  • 2 sides.

The bag will have a triangular shape. Fixture bottom need to be strengthened.

If this is not done, the pet will feel uncomfortable.

You can use hard cardboard or ordinary plywood.

To lock your pet, you need lightning.

Its length should be equal to the height of the rectangle.

Important! To the front wall of the carry it is required to sew in mesh fabric. This will allow the pet to breathe and watch what is happening around.

Carrying bag for cats

Carrying in the photo above is the result of the hard work of the hostess, who decided to sew a pet bag on her own

Based on the photo, you need to cut a rectangle and 2 sidewalls.

Their size depends on how big the person is plans to sew.

First you need to assemble the main parts of the bag.

Inside between the fabrics, it is required to put a synthetic winterizer, and sew in the bottom pre-prepared sealant.

The bag must be given a triangular shape, sew the zipper sideways.

Then you need to fix the bottom and also sew.

When the parts are in place, you need to attach the handle on top. The procedure is completed.

Cat Carrying Bag: A Comfortable Travel for pet

When a carrying bag for cats is required, a person must carefully approach the choice of fixtures. The right one the product for the pet will provide a comfortable journey for both the animal and to the owner.

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