Cat and six kittens: the summer resident saved the most valuable property

Rescuers of the Khabarovsk Territory have a lot of work: from the flood on the river Cupid affects not only people, but also pets. Employees Ministry of Emergencies rescued from a half-flooded islet of a summer resident and his cat with six kittens.

Dachniy Island is not so randomly called: they are located here holiday villages. On his plot 49-year-old man turned out to be cut off by quickly arriving water. The summer resident sat up until the latter, because he was waiting for his favorite – a black and white cat, skilled hunter for rats and mice.

When a man realized that he would evacuate on his own no longer able, then called the rescue service. Promptly the arrived rescuers transported both him and the cat to all brood.

Evacuation from the flooded island

Video: the man saved the main thing – a cat with kittens

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