Castration dogs: the pros and cons of what they say veterinarians

A procedure called castration of dogs, the advantages of which are good known, it also has disadvantages due to a sharp increase the risk of developing a number of rather serious diseases in a pet. therefore you must first pass an examination and get a consultation veterinarian.

Why do you need to do this and in what cases

shepherd on the street

Castrated males lose their desire to run away from home

Despite the seeming unnaturalness and cruelty, there is several reasons why a vasectomy, or castration, is the best option.

Genital Removal Surgery organs of the dog, allows you to radically rid the pet and its host from many problems, including aggressiveness and uncontrollability animal on the background of sexual desire. Necessary perform castration if during the veterinary examination identified severe pathologies of the reproductive system or animal marks at home pieces of furniture.

The procedure is also indicated for outbred animals and dogs, which not planned to be shown at exhibitions or used in tribal breeding.

Advantages and disadvantages

dog at the doctor

The castration procedure itself takes about 15 minutes

Castration makes animal maintenance more acceptable living conditions, a positive effect on temperament and pet behavior. Animals treated vasectomies, stop marking the territory too actively, and also gradually lose interest in the opposite sex.

Castrated animals are less susceptible the development of severe cancer or genital infections. These pets improve their appetite and sleep is normalized, behavior is adjusted.

The most significant disadvantages of castration dogs, regardless of gender and age features are presented:

  • hypothyroidism in the form of malfunctions in the functional state of the thyroid glands and changes in the level of hormones produced;
  • oncology of bone tissue;
  • obesity amid increased appetite and impossibility independently control the amount of food consumed;
  • the occurrence of pathological changes in the heart and vascular system.

dog's fur

Castration affects the condition of the dog’s coat – due to a lack of male hormone it becomes softer, similar to puppy

Some professional dog handlers and veterinarians report a risk the appearance of behavioral abnormalities in four-legged pets, subjected to resection of the reproductive system.

The question of the appropriateness of castration of a pet is solved in strictly individually. Of course, such an operation able to prevent the unplanned being born offspring, provides a more relaxed behavior of the animal and improves pet performance, but it’s absolutely necessary the risk of side effects should be considered.

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