Buying a puppy or kitten: 20 questions to the breeder

Choosing a puppy or kitten is a very important task. From your decisions depend on which companion will accompany you in further. Unscrupulous breeders can sell you physically or a mentally unhealthy animal. How to avoid this? Enough just know how to check the breeder.


  • 1 What to look for
  • 2 What to ask when buying a kitten
  • 3 What to ask when buying a puppy

What to look for

First of all, compare prices with market prices. Cheap puppies and kittens are extremely rarely good. In zoobusiness have to invest heavily, so the owner can’t imagine let kids sell cheap. Check if nursery site. This increases the degree of confidence. On the “right” site there will be reviews, comments and contacts of people who purchased animals from this breeder. You can chat with them to find out how the fate of the pets has developed. Also welcome when the sites indicate which clubs and organizations the breeder is a member of, in what exhibitions did he take part, etc. Do unscrupulous Owners present only self-promotion and general descriptions without specifics, sometimes – solid purchased positive reviews without feedback.

What to ask when buying a kitten

Before making a deal, you need to ask the following questions:

  • Can I see the kitten’s parents? You should be shown though would be one.
  • Does the kitten have any documents? Ideally, the documents should be immediately, in the case of inexpensive animals they can offer you оформление перед покупкой за ваш счёт.Pedigree form

    Заранее узнайте, какая организация выдаёт документы, посколькуthen it may turn out that the pedigree has no power beyond club

  • When and with what vaccine was the baby vaccinated? You should show the veterinary passport in which there are relevant marks.
  • How long have you been breeding cats of this breed? Better prefer a breeder with many years of experience.
  • Does the immediate family of the kitten have any problems with health, including genetic? If the kitten is elite and expensive, Research is encouraged.
  • Can we formally conclude a contract? If the owner has nothing afraid, he will willingly take this step.
  • What do I do if I find a kitten has a serious genetic disease? A good breeder gives guarantees and returns money if the animal revealed a pathology.
  • What are the kittens by nature? There are always timid and active kittens, as well as “average”. The owner must help you. выбрать животное под свой характер.Keys

    Good заводчик не будет против проведения так называемогоtest with keys: the buyer accidentally drops the key, and then looks on the reaction of kittens to find out the temperament of each

  • Has deworming been performed? If you buy a kitten older than 2 months, it should already be processed.
  • How old are the kittens? Good breeders won’t give up kittens younger than 2 months, because they have not yet completed the course of socialization and mandatory procedures in a veterinary clinic.

What to ask when buying a puppy

In general, all questions about kittens are relevant when buying puppy, because they are universal and help to calculate unscrupulous breeder. However the list can supplement as dog care is more multifaceted. Knowledge the owner will be reflected in how exactly he cares for his animals. Read articles about the breed in advance are going to get to understand if they tell you the truth.

You can ask the following questions:

  • How and how to feed a puppy? A good breeder will tell you the brand feed is not worse than super premium in quality or will tell you about the proportions мяса, овощей, субпродуктов и т. д.What does natural nutrition look like for a dog?

    Избегайте тех владельцев, которые предлагают кормить щенка однойporridge or they say that their wards eat everything

  • Does the puppy have an allergy? Normal food allergies are not should, but allowed to react to any one specific substance.
  • Are there any health and exterior features? If puppies elite and expensive, they must comply with the breed standard. Inexpensive, most likely, there are defects.
  • How often to wash a dog? What cosmetics to use? A good breeder will tell you the brands of the means by which enjoys himself.
  • Is the puppy accustomed to a litter box or toilet? If raising a baby engaged, he must be able to relieve the need location.
  • What is the best leash to buy? For pug and shepherd dog material and length will be different. If the owner has been breeding for a long time of this breed, he without hesitation will answer this question.
  • What to do if a puppy bites? If you are told about punishments newspaper, flip flops, blows to the nose, etc. – run, in front of you unscrupulous breeder.
  • Will I be able to call you to consult and talk about how the baby lives? Caring breeders themselves call and find out how are their wards, so this question should not confuse the owner.
  • Can you share the coordinates of the veterinarian? Experienced the breeder must have his own doctor. Most likely not even один.Veterinarian

    Посещение нескольких ветеринарных врачей приветствуется,as specialists are usually good in different areas, and in time breed work breeders face various problems

  • What health problems do this breed have? Хорошийthe owner will honestly tell you about the pitfalls and explain how he tries to avoid them by matching pairs with suitable genes, conducting research, etc.

Unfortunately, far from always breeders in the first place worried about the health of puppies and kittens. Many try their best quickly attach to the mestizos obtained as a result of unscheduled mating, others knit animals every six months for the sake of money. Some even sell babies for large sums under the guise of exotic breeds. We hope that now it will be easier for you to distinguish good breeder from bad.

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