Business Project: Pomeranian Spitz Nursery

Can a favorite hobby become a profitable business when it comes to about breeding thoroughbred puppies? Maybe, but such a project requires special training, thoughtful planning and considerable costs. For example, take the popular decorative breed of dogs – Pomeranian Spitz.


  • 1 Challenges and risks
  • 2 Where to start
    • 2.1 Definition of purpose
    • 2.2 Basic expenses
    • 2.3 Documentation
    • 2.4 Features of the choice of dogs for breeding
    • 2.5 Preparation of the premises for breeding dogs
  • 3 Dog Anatomy Knowledge
    • 3.1 Spitz estrus
    • 3.2 Rules for mating in Spitz
    • 3.3 Pregnancy and problems of its course
    • 3.4 Births in Spitz
      • 3.4.1 Video: Spitz breeding – practice tips
  • 4 Skills for Business Success
  • 5 Business payback period

Challenges and Risks

You definitely should not do this business if you evaluate its profitability by a simple arithmetic action – multiply the average cost of puppies by their number and two more, by the number of leaks in a bitch per year. This is fundamentally the wrong approach. and it’s not going to end in anything good. Before you try make money on your oranges, appreciate the “pitfalls” of this project – there is a high probability that you are from it refuse.

Pomeranian Spitz

Pomeranian Spitz – a beautiful and popular breed of dog

Such an activity is very expensive, and not only for money – it will take a lot of time, effort, knowledge and enthusiasm. If you you want to make Spitz breeding really profitable, will have to deal with them professionally – to do this is not a hobby, but main job. By the way, to the rhythm of the nursery’s life you will need to adapt not only to you, but to your whole family – is she ready to such victims?

Moreover, initially there is no and there can be no guarantee that the costs will pay off – something may go wrong: bought for large money for breeding a baby with an excellent pedigree will not grow in a dog of a brid- or show class and it cannot be used in pedigree work, or puppies will be far from pedigree ideals, or sales will not go too well … Such disappointments happen to many budding breeders.

Where to start

There are a few points that are worth realistically appreciating. even before registering the nursery. And own nursery and own factory prefix must be issued necessarily – after all we are talking about breeding, not about breeding dogs doubtful breed quality.

Special education will not hurt at all: dog training, livestock or veterinary. How compromise option can be considered annual courses that are remotely conducted by the Russian Cynological Federation, specialty “dog breeder.”

Goal definition

What kind of dogs and why do you want to breed? The question is non-trivial, and an answer like “to make a profit” is completely inappropriate here. There are at least three levels of breeding – accordingly, they can calculate the level cost. So, we determine the purpose of your business project:

  • breeding of healthy pedigree dogs of a pet class – costs low, but there is always hope for a miracle: among average dogs suddenly a real show star can “shoot” (but this is already if very lucky);
  • breeding of dogs of breed class – optimal in relation to expense and income option;
  • breeding show-class dogs is the most difficult, costly and risky way, but this is the case when the goal justifies facilities.

Spitz puppies

Spitz puppies looking like teddy bears really like to buyers

Main expenses

For the first year and a half you have to forget about income and only constantly invest in your future nursery. It remains only to relax and receive the pleasure of talking with wonderful dogs – and that’s worth it.

Starting costs can only be estimated very approximately, here main items of expenditure:

  • purchase of puppies for breeding – the cost of thoroughbred Pomeranian girls start from 60 thousand rubles, and for payback you need at least four bitches for the business;
  • the cost of raising one puppy (feeding, raising, grooming, veterinary services) – at least 150 thousand;
  • preparation of necessary documentation – about 10 thousand;
  • preparation of premises for a nursery – from 30 to 100 thousand, in depending on the level of design;
  • participation in exhibitions – an average of 30 thousand per exhibition, if it does not go too far from your house;
  • genetic testing (item is very expensive, but mandatory, when it comes to professional breeding work) – not less than a thousand (alas, not rubles, but euros).

Spitz on the exhibition

Breed shows – an obligatory stage of breeding

Please note that in the future you will have regular expenses for the content of each bitch, at least 100 thousand per year – this is if you are not a fan of exhibitions, and your girl doesn’t have serious health problems.

Upcoming and one-time costs for each mating:

  • preparation of documents for knitting and clearance of litter – about 5 thousand;
  • medical examination of a bitch – at least 20 thousand;
  • payment to the owners of the dog and transportation costs – from 50 to 200 thousand (depending on breed level, title and place male stays).

Is it possible to somehow minimize costs and risks? Difficult but there are options. You can get a bitch not in puppy, but in adulthood – so you will avoid the cost of growing it and You can really appreciate the breed quality of the dog. Maybe there sense to get a male for your kennel, but you need it correctly select by blood and exterior, and then substantially to spend money on exhibition promotion and titles.


List of documentation required for breeding activities small, but each item in it is required:

  • pedigrees for producers – made on the basis of puppy metrics
  • dog club membership card – paid entry and annual contributions;
  • nursery certificate and factory prefix – issued at at least one breeding female in your possession;
  • pedigree card (for a bitch) and tribal certificate (for a dog) – issued and regularly updated based on the results of successful participation in exhibitions;
  • permission to knit;
  • puppy cards – are issued according to the results of aktivki litter.

Features of the choice of dogs for breeding

The choice of future manufacturers depends entirely on your ideas about the breed, practical experience and material of opportunities. The main requirement is that dogs must be healthy have good heredity. As for features of the exterior and interesting bloods, these moments remain at the discretion and conscience of each individual breeder.

A pair of Spitz

Future parents should be well matched both by blood and by external data

Preparation of the premises for breeding dogs

It is advisable to provide a separate room for the nursery and specially equip it, given that not only will they live here adult dogs, but also puppies. What are the main points you need comply with:

  • floors should not be slippery;
  • the room should be protected from drafts, maintained in it cleanliness and optimal temperature;
  • remove from the room all dangerous for the dog or toxic items;
  • each animal needs a separate place with a bed, bowls for feeding and sanitary zone;
  • special puppies should be equipped for puppies and their mother mole.

Dwarf Spitz

Dogs should feel comfortable indoors and not interfere each other

Dog Anatomy Knowledge

The cultivation of oranges has its own characteristics and difficulties, primarily associated with the miniature of this breed. Mini in demand, are expensive, but are usually not used in breeding, as this may be unsafe for them.

Spitz Point

Spitz’s first estrus usually begins at eight to nine months old, but this does not mean that the girl is ready to become a mother. Tribal RKF position for females of ornamental breeds allows their use in breeding no earlier than fifteen months of age. Insofar as most dogs have estrus every six months, then they knit for the first time bitches or a second, or a third estrus.

Responsible breeders knit dogs no more than once a year, so that the animal has time to recover and get stronger. An exception make up the cases when the bitch missed – did not get pregnant after knitting.

Rules for mating in Spitz

For mating, suitable for each other’s blood and exterior manufacturers, they must be absolutely healthy, vaccinated and examined by a veterinarian. Bitch is usually brought to to the dog, and not vice versa, although the meeting can take place at neutral territory. It is better to agree in advance with an experienced instructor who will help to tie dogs forcibly or artificially, if for some reason this is not natural going on.

Spitz at the vet

The animal must be veterinary before mating examination

Optimum dates are 9-12 days of estrus, but recommended take tests with a veterinarian who will show how much the egg ready for fertilization. To consolidate success, you need two or three stitches at one day intervals. More often it’s not worth it because sperm needs time for ripening.

Well, if the expectant mother is not too tiny and weighs about 2.5 kg – it will be easier for such a bitch to give birth. But in grooms she can pick up a “minika” – a dog weighing up to two kilograms.

Pregnancy and problems of its course

Spitz pregnancy can last from 58 to 65 days. In the first month of visible changes in behavior and the figure of the future mother does not happen, but her nutrition should become more high-quality and fortified. Confirming pregnancy with using ultrasound diagnostics, start preparing for the appearance of puppies.

Usually pregnancy occurs in Spitz without any problems. Not overfeed the bitch in the last two weeks before giving birth – too It will be difficult for her to give birth to large puppies.

Births in Spitz

Arrange with the veterinarian in advance – his help may needed at birth at any time – both day and night. Two third of oranges give birth themselves and without complications, but just in case you need to be prepared for the Caesarean section.

Spitz with puppies

Pomeranchki touching puppies

Take heed of your young mom’s lack of milk or her refusal to feed the heirs (sometimes, but in Spitz happens) – buy at least a small jar of substitute bitch milk, it will help you out in a critical situation.

Orange litters are small, from one to three puppies; four kids – a rarity and luck for the breeder. Milk mom enough for everyone, feeding babies is rare.

Video: Spitz breeding – practice tips

Business Success Skills

We hope that everything went well for you, the kids have grown up and got the metrics. After the second vaccination and quarantine, they can be send to new owners. What will be needed at this moment to the breeder:

  • sales skills;
  • financial planning skills;
  • beautiful photos and videos of puppies and their parents;
  • actual information on the nursery website;
  • advertising on sales sites and social networks, at exhibitions and etc.

Two puppies of a spitz

It is important not only to profitably sell puppies, but also to identify them for loving owners

Business payback period

Ornamental breeders say that this business reaches payback only in the third year existence. It is desirable that the number of bitches in the nursery allowed to receive at least two or three litters per year. Then income will become more or less stable. It will depend on many factors and will be from 50 to 200 thousand rubles each litter.

Spitz in the chair

Pomeranians are bright, interesting dogs, and business with them is such same

An important point: you will have to spend several years not only money, but also earn credibility for your nursery. AT the next years he will already work for you.

Pomeranian farming is not easy, costly, but very interesting business. He will bring a lot of positive to your life – this will be a great bonus to the profit that you are sure to receive.

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