British chinchillas conquer Instagram

British Chinchillas Chippy and Gummy – Instagram Stars from Hong Kong

Chippy and Gummy – famous British cat and cat chinchillas that have captured Instagram with their popularity.

Today they have 24.7 thousand subscribers, not counting Facebook fans.

Chippy is a boy born in 2016, and Gummy is a girl, born in 2017.

The breed is very expensive. According to legend, British chinchillas are descendants of the Cheshire cat from the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”.

Gummy is on the phone.

Instagram Gummy and Chippy reached 5,000 followers

The owner of cute cats lives in Hong Kong. Her name is Crystal Yau. The girl creates memes for the joy of all those around him and writes that works with cats in order to spread happiness around, Well, a little replenish the budget.

How often do you take pictures of your pets to the world found out about them?

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