Brit Cat Food: Reviews and Tips veterinarians

Brit Cat Food Reviews

Czech cat food Brit, reviews of which are collected further, made from quality raw materials.

Manufacturer VAFO Praha offers a range of dry and wet feed.

They are affordable and are made from quality raw materials.

Sublimated chicken meat is taken as a basis, which saturates and does not cause allergies.


  • 1 Feed Overview
  • 2 Composition
  • 3 Pros and Cons
  • 4 Specifics
    • 4.1 Brit Premium Product Line Overview
    • 4.2 Brit Care Product Line Overview
  • 5 reviews
  • 6 Conclusion

Feed Overview

Brit Care cat food is super premium and presented in the form:

  • dry diet;
  • meat pieces in sauce, jelly or pate.

Brit Cat Food Reviews

Brit Premium Premium Food

Feed manufacturers are divided into Care and Premium.

The difference in the original ingredients and balance.

Premium – premium feed made with chicken meat.

Care – an updated super-premium diet, it costs expensive.

Here are combinations of four different types of meat: turkey, duck, venison, lamb. There are also options with salmon.

As for Brit wet foods, they are fragrant and like most cats.

By consistency, they are as close to natural meat.

The composition does not contain preservatives, dyes, flavorings.

In order for the animal to be healthy and develop correctly, it needs good nutrition.

In addition, it is important to take care of the comfort of the pet, choosing suitable toilet filler and to train a kitten to a tray.

Brit Cat Food Reviews

A wide range of Brit Care feeds available

Important! Regarding how the cat reacted to Brit food, you can hear different reviews. Pet preferences are very different, and they need navigate when choosing a diet.


The composition contains ingredients important for the health of the pet: fish oil, chicken oil, rice bran, fiber, vitamins, trace elements and oligosaccharides.

The manufacturer does not add preservatives, flavorings and dyes.

Therefore, you can often hear about this type of feed. positive reviews.

Premium Adult Cat Food following ingredients:

  • chicken;
  • corn;
  • bird fat;
  • salmon oil;
  • rice
  • Brewer’s yeast;
  • dried apples;
  • Yucca Shidiger Extract;
  • minerals;
  • vitamins.

The following is the Brit Care feed composition:

  • dehydrated chicken and turkey meat;
  • boneless chicken meat;
  • rice
  • chicken fat;
  • rice bran;
  • dried apples;
  • beet pulp;
  • salmon oil;
  • chicken liver;
  • Brewer’s yeast;
  • vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • prebiotics;
  • Yucca Shidiger Extract;
  • plantain;
  • buckthorn buckthorn.

Brit Cat Food Reviews

This paste does not add flavorings, dyes or preservatives

Brit Care cat food is considered a hypoallergenic diet.

Properly selected combination of ingredients contributes to a better portability.

Special additives allow you to:

  • improve the state of immunity;
  • improve health;
  • prevent the development of diseases;
  • improve the condition of the coat and teeth.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of Brit Cat Food include: moments:

  • used quality ingredients;
  • the composition includes vitamins, trace elements;
  • contains enough natural fiber, proteins, fats;
  • a wide range of dry ration and canned food is presented with taking into account age and other features;
  • affordable price;
  • supplied to many stores;
  • used by many veterinarians and breeders.

The cons that should be considered when buying include:

  • the presence of brewer’s yeast, which can cause animal allergies;
  • high percentage of ash in some species.


Brit food is suitable for daily feeding of cats of all breeds: british, russian blue, maine coon and so Further.

From the assortment presented in pet stores, you need to choose one a diet that will satisfy all the needs of a pet.

Brit Premium Product Line Overview

  1. Brit Premium dry food with chicken and rice for kittens, young animals, pregnant and lactating cats. Fully balanced a diet that contains all the necessary substances to maintain health and beauty of a kitten. The composition contains prebiotics MOS and FOS, which contribute to the development of beneficial microflora and stimulate the immune system. Other important additives are organic selenium and Vitamin E, which prevent early aging.
  2. Brit Premium dry food with chicken and rice for adult cats. Contains the same prebiotics (MOS, FOS), organic selenium and vitamin E. However, adult foods have a higher content proteins.

Brit Cat Food Reviews

Brit Premium with Vitamin E and Prebiotics

  1. Brit Premium dry food with chicken, salmon and rice. Continues lineup for adults.


Dry and wet food with chicken, salmon and rice

  1. Brit Premium dry food for sterilized animals with chicken and rice. The diet is designed specifically for the needs of these animals. It is a prophylaxis for the urinary tract.

Brit Care Product Line Overview

  1. Brit Care dry food for kittens with chicken and rice. Hypoallergenic diet, also recommended for pregnant and lactating cats. It has a high content of chicken meat (25% dehydrated meat, 22% meat without bone). Vitamin C and Prebiotics stimulate the immune system. The composition added a balanced complex minerals. Proteins in an easily digestible form are important for the formation of muscles. The content in the required dosage of omega-3 fatty acids promotes brain development.

Brit Cat Food Reviews

Tasty and healthy diet for kittens

  1. Brit Care dry food with duck and salmon for fastidious cats. Designed for feeding true gourmets. Presence in the composition catnip gives the pillows a wonderful aroma. In this diet does not contain cereals, so it is recommended for cats with sensitive digestion. Like other Brit products Care, there is a high percentage of natural meat (25% analysis dehydrated duck meat, 10% dehydrated chicken, 15% salmon flour). Also composed of arginine, taurine, balanced mineral complex.
  2. Brit Care dry cat food for skin and coat with salmon and rice. Suitable for animals with hypersensitivity, will give wool shine. The effect is achieved by adding omega-3 fatty acids and marigold extract. Also to improve the condition skin and wool are useful zinc and biotin, which are in the composition.

Brit Cat Food Reviews

Brit food for healthy skin and beautiful coat

  1. Brit Care dry food for cats that are constantly in indoors, with chicken and rice. The diet includes 3 types of fiber (apple, beets and plantain), which contribute to the removal of stomach lumps of wool. During molting, you may need to Furminator – it’s better to comb out the pet, and not remove wool from the stomach with food. To prevent tartar added vitamin C and hexametaphosphate to the feed sodium.

Brit Cat Food Reviews

Product for cats that are always indoors

  1. Brit Care dry food for cats that are prone to obesity, with rice and turkey. The diet contains mainly proteins, and the amount of fat is reduced (according to the analysis, protein 40%, fat 10%). This ratio is suitable for overweight pussies. For fat burning feed is enriched with L-carnitine, and fiber complex (apple, beetroot, plantain) stimulates metabolic processes.
  2. Brit Care dry food for sterilized animals with rice and chicken. To maintain optimal urine pH, reduced in the diet percentage of magnesium. To improve the condition of the kidneys and urinary tract added pear-buckthorn extract. After operations, animals tend to gain weight. Proper protein ratio (36%), fiber (5%) and fat (12%) will prevent obesity.

Brit Cat Food Reviews

Brit Care Sterilized Cat Food


According to customer reviews, after switching to Brit cat food their pets improve their coat, it becomes more thick and shiny.

Nutrition prevents the development of tartar. Overall pet active and cheerful.

A lot of positive reviews about Brit wet foods.

The pieces are as close as possible in shape, taste and aroma to natural meat.

After smelling a delicious breakfast in a bowl, the pet does not will remain even in the most comfortable house.

Reviews of veterinarians clearly show that quality rations for cats cannot be cheap.

When choosing food for your pet, you should take time familiarization with the composition.

Brit cat food features a well-chosen combination proteins, fats and natural fiber.

Therefore, it is so common among veterinarians and professional breeders.

Next, several reviews of the owners are selected.

Elena, Astrakhan: “For the first time I bought my kitten dry food Brit Care a couple of months ago. Have since passed on him completely. The coat became thick and shiny, and overall the cat is contented and cheerful. ”

Natalya, Kiev: “We tried Brit Premium food, pussy pleased. Available at any supermarket. inexpensive compared to other premium feeds. Wet did not call the same delight. But everyone is happy with the dry diet. ”

Ludmila, Moscow: “We bought wet Brit food. The cat liked the canned food, especially the fish ones. ”

Important! As recommendations and reviews show veterinarians, when switching to dry food the cat should always stand fresh water.


Brit Cat Food is made from quality raw materials and is a complete diet.

It is enriched with vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and other substances useful for different groups of animals.

Due to the wide range, you can choose a diet that will satisfy the needs of a particular animal.

In pet stores there are two lines of Brit feeds that are suitable for any breed, including for scottish fold cats.

Premium is a premium diet, more expensive products Care belongs to the class of super-premium.

These feeds justify their value, because they contain vitamin-mineral complexes, there are more flavoring combinations.

At the same time, when choosing, it is worth considering preferences animal.

After all, the final decision regarding what feed will be in the bowl is left to the cat.

Brit Cat Food: Veterinarian Reviews & Recommendations

Brit cat food, reviews of which are mainly positive, high in meat, complexes vitamins and minerals, natural fiber. It is suitable for cats different breeds, separate products for adults are provided and kittens, there are two lines: Premium and Care.

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